Journal Your Ramadan – Day #21: U is for Ummah

After watching the wonderful Snapchat Mecca story yesterday which has gotten Muslims and non-Muslims talking, I was so pleased to see such an amazing reaction to the snapshots and videos sent in by worshippers in Mecca performing Umrah on the holiest night of Ramadan – the 27th night known as Lailat as-Qadr, or the Night of Power – showing images of the Kaaba, the night prayers and the millions of dishes handed out for iftar to everyone.

It made me think of how far-reaching we have become, and what a wonderful opportunity there is to unite Muslims, as well as informing non-Muslims of the beauty of Islam.

So today’s post is one of the ones taken from the Snapchat video showing a packed full scene of people – all there for one reason, and all appreciating the beauty of Mecca and Islam : )

Cloudy Wheel Mondays

Summer’s finally over, and now we have plenty of golden leaves and cloudy skies to look forward to (not to mention dry skin and cold hands!), but I’m still busy making plans to make the most of the dry weather while I still can.

I’ve been looking at different places in the city I can visit, (I’ve never been to the OXO Tower, for example, but I do intend to go, especially now that I know it serves halal food!) and different landmarks, and of course I’m always looking for new places with street art, landmarks and food to try out! Any recommendations?


A Daisy in Three Stages

I like this idea of splitting a single picture into three (or more), to give it an interesting effect – like this one, which lets us focus on different parts of the same flower. While this is only a quick effect which was created on my mobile, I like the idea of mixing two or three images together in one photograph – a bit like a collage perhaps. I’m wondering how else I can play around with this, with various colours and themes – although for now, I’ll probably keep it simple and see what works!

Presenting…a daisy in three stages : )


Blue Petal Mondays

I love playing around with colours and lighting when it comes to photography, (and yes, on my mobile phone too) which I often do a lot to see the end result of  – although I’ll be doing a proper post about this soon!

I thought I’d play with the colour of these flowers, and see what I came up with. I did several versions of this photograph, using different apps, but I liked this one best (done with the Photo Studio app) because of how natural and pretty the shades of blue looked (if blue petals can look natural, that is), and the dreamy look it has. I can imagine a little pixie hiding behind one of these (or maybe something from Fergully!), and a tiny little world of flower-beings, perhaps.

xpool - Copy

Weekly Photo Challenge: Patterns

I thought I’d join a photo challenge for this week, which was ‘Patterns‘, and post some kaleidoscopes I’ve made from photographs I have taken. It’s actually very easy to make a kaleidoscope, there’s plenty of software online, as well as mobile apps to do this, and I had great fun putting together.

This first one is of a beautiful bangle cuff I bought for my mum on her birthday, it’s one of my favourite piece in my jewellery box of borrowed things my mum’s collection.


This next one is actually my sister’s wedding bouquet. Yeah. Don’t tell her.


This is actually from a dress in my closet. It looks so much prettier here than the actual dress does. I think I should update my wardrobe, maybe. I like how quirky the hexagons look, almost a bit cartoonish.


Okay this is just my pyjamas. Yes, I wear polka dots, yes it’s not glamorous. Let’s move on, nothing to see here.


This is from a book I’m reading. Okay, fine, it’s a comic book about Superman’s and Batman’s children. It’s really good though, I promise.


Lastly, is this lipstick I have (don’t worry the orange bit isn’t the lipstick colour, I’m not that adventurous yet), it’s mainly an image of the lipstick case which has flowers all over it. I really liked the colour combination of this one.


I have lots more kaleidoscope images that I created, but these were my favourite, because they look nothing like the original image, and the amazing patterns look so surreal and arty. I could use some of these all wallpaper, maybe? Okay, not the polka dot pyjamas one, but perhaps the jewelled kaleidoscope for a sultan’s bedroom? Or a bouquet’d bathroom?

Pics & Tricks: Light Blue Trees

I thought I’d show how a different range of colours on the same image can have a completely different effect, as well as different highlights and shadows the same photo can have. I edited this tree picture with various shades of blue and focus of light, and I actually do like most of these, although a couple are a little too garish. My favourite is probably the dusky blue version (top row, third), though, because it reminds me of something in the 70s. I dunno, maybe I’m just making things up here.

But I’d recommend you try it out, it’s surprising what results you end up with, and also which hidden things in a picture may get highlighted. Plus it’s always fun playing around with images on my mobile’s photo apps. )


Sparks of Colour Amidst the Grey

I posted before about this app and the different things it does, here’s a few more images I’ve been playing with and the various colours which have been accented from a black and white picture (my favourite is the bangle one, but the jigaw puzzle one came a close second). It’s a really fun way to draw attention to one detail in the picture – and the trick is not to over do the coloured parts, but keep it simple. It also looks a lot prettier when there are smaller, more intricate details, but this is easier said than done when you are doing it on a mobile!

I’m trying my hand at a few new drawing apps soon, will post them soon if they turn out to be any good – in the mean time, is there anything you would recommend?








A Blue Building

*insert joke about sky high heights*

Okay, so it’s not quite the Blue Mosque or the  (which, incidentally, I intend to visit one day, along with many other places) but I still like this funky view. It reminds me of somewhere more commercial and busy, like Dubai – you’d never think that there was a bunch of Asian masala and grocery shops just a few metres away from this image. (And yes I cheated a little by jazzing the blue up a bit more than it was, but the original image was blue too, I promise!)


Photo Art: A black, white and colour app

I’m really having fun with a new app lately, this one being called Photo Art, which lets you play around with black and white pictures, and add a splash of colour. I love black and white pictures which have selected bits of colour (as long as the colour bits don’t go overboard!), and it’s a great way to pick out the finer details in pictures too.

This is one I’ve been working on in painstaking detail (easier said than done when your ‘paint-brush’ is just your finger, and you have sausagey fingers), which I really like because of the pretty, colourful stones in it. I didn’t want to add too much colour in case it lost the subtlety of it, but you can see in each image how I went a step further to add more colour!

I’ll be posting more pictures with this app soon, but in the mean-time, try it out and tell me what you think, it’s a good way to re-invent photos, and draw attention to different parts of a photograph.