Messy Minds

This is kind of how I’m feeling at the moment – not quite scatterbrained and woolly, but more chock-full of ideas and plans that I need to sort out. I’m also feeling a little out of routine in blogging after a whole month of the Journal your Ramadan challenge – it may take me a while to get into something less structured!

I’ve got a few ideas bouncing around in my head in terms of what to draw, storylines to follow (and make sense of!), and of course, new places to visit! I’m also catching up on the ever-growing piles of books (and e-books) which vary from fantasy to murder mysteries, to historical to quirky and interesting literature (like this book) as well as a list of films I want to watch, crafty things I want to make, new ideas to explore for my sisters’ and my online shop Feroza, and of course, dinners and catch ups with friends!

In the mean time, here’s something I’ve been thinking about recently that you can mull over: if there was one thing I wanted to do more than anything, in the whole world, as the one defining thing in my life – what would it be? And how would I get there?
Any ideas? What would your answer be?