A Vintage 60s Store

I recently stumbled aross a beautiful vintage 60s store which I loved called Calneva Vintage – which displayed and sold gorgeous retro telephones, old TVs, vintage jewellery and beautiful trunk suitcases. After a good browse and some happy-snapping on my camera, I asked the shop-owner why she chose to open this shop and she said it reminded her of her childhood – growing up in the 60s was a happy time and she loves being surrounded by those memories.

I said I could relate – I love being an 80s-slash-90s child and my sisters and I always love finding random things we had as children whenever we come across them now.

Here’s a few pictures of the interior – the little details all over the place really made the theme what it was, not to mention all the quirky furniture and accessories scattered around which I loved.



My favourite things were the retro telephones on display, which looked beautiful – I loved all the colours and the matching old-fashioned posters on the wall.


I’m always looking out for vintage shops so this was a pleasant surprise (usually it’s vintage clothes which I end up finding!) – and I loved that there was a story behind this one, which made it more special because of all the hard work behind it.

Weekend Pretty…Embroidered Metallic Flowers

This is a close-up of one of my dresses, which I found when going through my wardrobe, which reminded me of vintage, old-style outfits from the 50’s and 60’s that my mum and her generation would wear (particularly tinsel-lined scarves and sequined, chintzy dresses).

I’m not someone who wears flowery things often, but I love this stuff because it has its own charm to it, sparkly flowers edged in pink and green – perhaps a reminder to get in touch with your feminine side from time to time!

20130520_171455 - Copy