An Epic Chart of 162 Young Adult Retellings

I’ve mentioned before how much I love fairy-tales/myths re-tellings, there’s something fascinating about seeing a new angle on a classic story we already know, and I love to discover new books with a different view.

This is a chart created by the cleverbots at EpidReads, who compiled a list of books and grouped them by similarities.

You can find the full chart list here by epicreads – it’s not a complete list of what’s out there of course, but it’s a decent place to start!

Have you read any of these? I’ve added a few of these to my book list already!


A Histomap: 4000 Years Of Human History Captured In One Chart

This “Histomap” was created by John B. Sparks, and was first printed by Rand McNally in 1931, and basically aimed to show a coherent, charted history of World History on a map through four thousand years. It’s pretty impressive, and splits up countries and races by colours and time eras.

You can see a bigger version that you can zoom in on here, and there’s a a few more histomaps by Sparks which came later such as this Histomap of Evolution. Seriously though, this is pretty amazing – while it’s not entirely accurate and feels outdated by today’s standards, it’s a pretty good interpretation of history as we know it put together alongside pretty much every other dynasty, era, world events and history that we know.

I love that the Indians and the Chinese section are pretty much the only ones which remain consistent and follow through the whole map without being broken – showing what a rich, long history these areas have. It’s also interesting to see that by the end of the map, there are several branches which are all thinner, showing a wide variety of ‘races’ or countries and their histories, perhaps suggesting that the world is becoming more diverse and people are beginning to gain an equal footing with each other. Or maybe that’s just my view of it.

For the time that it was created in, it’s still very impressive, and pretty well made.

“HERE IS THE ACTUAL PICTURE OF THE MARCH OF CIVILIZATION from the mud huts of the ancients to the monarchistic of the middle ages to the living panorama of life in everyday America”

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Nifty Russian Dolls

Did you know that the proper name for Russian dolls are matryoshka dolls? I didn’t. Anyhoo, I’ve always wanted one, probably because of the nifty way you can stack each one inside the next, like a super-efficient storage thingy that I need for 95% of the possessions I have. I saw these flowery beauties today and thought about buying some, then didn’t because I started wondering whether you could get novelty ones like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle ones or Power Ranger ones.  Haven’t seen any yet, but I’ll keep looking.


Beautiful Grafitti Birds by L7M

I ‘m mesmerised by these beautiful bird art pieces in grafitti style, by a Brazilian artist who goes buy L7M, (and is known as Luis Seven Martins by his parents) who blends media and colours to get a dreamy feel mixed with chaos and realism. The effect is beautiful, with realistic rendering and detail, and beautiful, vivid colour. The artist does a range of images, from portraits and various animals, but it’s these birds which I find beautiful and haunting.

You can see more pictures on his Facebook page here or his Flickr account.


Tyson Murphy’s Disney Light Studies

I saw these recent;y and thought they were amazing – illustrator and artist Taylor Murphy has taken scenes from a couple of movies and added layers of colour, light and texture to give a details, beautiful scene which adds much more depth and character. It must have taken hours, and you can see the beautiful penmanship the artist has – which really adds another dimension to these films.

I LOVED this take on a scene from Disney’s Sword in the Stone (one of my and my family’s favourite Disney movies, and not just because we watched this film on repeat) – now he just has to re-draw every other frame in the film and the 3D version of this film will be ready to watch in 20 years time.

sinthessmalbefore sinthes

This is another scene which he re-drew, again adding light, colour and detail which makes the scene seem much more alive and magical. While the original Disney animation is pretty good, comparing the two feels like crayon drawings next to an 3D masterpieces. Having said that, I won’t undermine the work of the Disney animators, but you really can see the difference here.


This is another piece that the artist did, showing the step-by-steps taken to get from a simple line drawing to a in-depth, textured pieces which is made more alive with colour and layers.


You can find more of Tyson Murphy’s work on Deviant Art, Tumblr, Instagram and Facebook.

Happy Muslim Mama’s Ramadan and Eid Planner 2014/1435

My sister Happy Muslim Mama is a productive mama, and this is her latest venture: the Ramadan and Eid Planner 2014/1435. It’s a journal and planner aimed at making the most of the upcoming Ramadan and Eid, designed to set goals, plan ahead and reflect during this blessed time.

The planner is complete free to download and very useful, so go ahead, download it and use it! And please do leave feedback either here or on Happy Muslim Mama’s blog, as there’s always tips needed for future projects!


Beautiful Doodles with J. Herbert ink

I love pens, and particularly love ink, be it indian ink, drawing ink, calligraphy ink or even just cartidges for fountain pens! This is a series of colours done in J. Herbert ink by the wonderful artist and blogger Cole Wardell at The Orchard showed the diverse colours and uses of this ink with his wonderful calligraphy below, not to mention using a brush with the ink for the sketch below as well.

I don’t know what appeals to me more, the beautiful, vibrant colours of each of the inks, or the fact that each colour has it’s own character which is beautifully written out in a calligraphic style – but it’s really made me want to pick up a dip-pen and some ink to try out some doodles myself (if I do, I’ll post the results, don’t worry!).

So here’s something for your weekend, some pen-love and some pretty colours : )

pen1 pen2 pen3Images belong to Cole Wardell, The Orchard

Weekend Pretty…Nasir Al-Mulk Mosque in Iran

I’ve seen a few  beautiful religious buildings in my time, and a few more beautiful mosques, but this one probably beats most of them. The Nasir Al-Mulk Mosque in Iran is a beautiful one, covered in beautiful stained windows, patterned rugs and beautiful designs on every wall and ceiling. When the word mosque comes to mind, you don’t often think of something like this, I’ve seen some beautiful interiors of mosques myself but a lot of them tend to be a bit less decorative than this and focus more on having wide, clean spaces, although a lot of these also do have lovely decor and paintings too.

I love the fact that the designers of this mosque have made this into a work of art, it’s clearly something beautiful to be admired, a peaceful space to pray in as well as a chance to showcase the art and history of Iran. I’d love to visit this place one day, I have no idea if I’ll visit Iran anytime soon but this is one more reason for me to go!

You can see some more images here and here of this beautiful mosque.






The 8-Bit Movie Gifs by Dusan Cezak

I love seeing 8-bit interpretations of stuff (like this), so I really like these 8-bit gif by Slovakian animator Dusan Cezek, who took his love of movies and re-drew them as a gifs series called ‘Pixelwood‘. I adore all of these (although my favourite is quite possibly The Avengers one) – the movies are instantly recognisable, despite how concise and simple the gifs are. I really like seeing art like this – it’s cute, clever and shows a mix of two of my favourite things, art and film.

You can see more of Dusan Cezak’s 8-bit comic-themed gifs here and the rest of his work here.

The Big Lebowski8f21e8f4980827a3572f76a9932af3b5

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissouc01963390b3a97ce9a640fd80355ca46

Nacho Libre5748f5e7cfeb0747586e2a5249e38723


District 988e03b3c7dfddd3ab9085cbf13692919

Shaun of the Dead628a788fff49f7432351a561d9c529b1

Pulp Fiction777fb9a87154b06c4433515ee841d61a

Evil Deadedbea56254d9f3708b7cb8c2552eb82d

The Avengers8ea467520bbec472737b6aed05912d3e

The Fifth Elementce8476a5750ace5d19811c836fc45a9b

Fight Club293154e83ae32b10b478e85a679839ce

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