Lumiere London 2016: Lighting up a city

My sister and I were lucky enough to see all the beautiful lights which were set up last week for Lumiere London, one of the country’s biggest light festivals. We managed to see most of the light installations – out of 40 of them we only missed around three or four.

I won’t describe them too much because there were so many, and because the pictures looked amazing – the lights were looked beautiful in the night and there was such a nice atmosphere of tourist and Londoners all out at the same time exploring the different streets with installations.

Mayfair and Bond Street



Regent Street and Carnaby Street


Pall Mall and The Strand


Leicester Square, Trafalgar Square and Westminster


Kings Cross


We spent about four hours walking around all over London, but it was great fun and we managed to find spots of London we hadn’t been to before!

You can see more pictures on my sister’s blog, and also on my instagram account too. Did you manage to see any of these?

11 thoughts on “Lumiere London 2016: Lighting up a city

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    1. Thank you! This was the first event to take place in London, the organisers have done it for a couple of years previously in Durham. I’m not sure but I think this year was on a bigger scale in London to see if it’s worth making it an annual event? In any case, definitely a fun event!

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