Ramadan Mubarak!

“O People! The month of Allah (Ramadan) has come with its mercies, blessings and forgivenesses. Allah has decreed this month the best of all months. The days of this month are the best among the days and the nights are the best among the nights and the hours during Ramadan are the best among the hours. This is a month in which you have been invited by Him (to fast and pray). Allah has honoured you in it. In every breath you take is a reward of Allah, your sleep is worship, your good deeds are accepted and your invocations are answered.”

The Prophet’s (PBUH) Sermon on Ramadan

It’s that blessed time of the year, where we put away our squabbles and issues, make about 200 samosas, and make the most of the month to fast, pray, rest and reflect on our lives and the world around us.

I really enjoyed the last few Journal Your Ramadan challenges I did over the course of Ramadan, and wasn’t able to find a decent one for 2015, so I decided to do my own one! For each day of the month, I will correspond a letter of the alphabet (there’s 26 letters, so there’s enough!) and see what I am inspired by! I invite you all to do the same as well, it would be wonderful to see what ideas you have!

In the meantime, here’s wishing you all a beautiful month of peaceful days and food-filled nights, and a gentle encouragement to make each day count : )


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