Weekend Pretty…Walk Through the Rainbow Door

I saw this about two days ago, which I had to stop and take a picture of (and in front of, to the eye-rolls of a work colleague). I haven’t been able to wander around London lately and look for street art or quirky, funky places in London as I’ve always been busy with work or have ended up with things to do at home which mean less time to act like a tourist.

So naturally this rainbow door caught me eye, in the middle of a congested road, jammed with cars and buildings and not much greenery, it’s like a beacon calling to passerbys. This is actually a doorway for a church, so naturally the door helps to usher people in and take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. While, as a Muslim, I wouldn’t ideally walk into a church, I don’t have an antipathy for them – my parents have always taught me to have respect for other religions, whether we believe them or not, and I’ve always seen Christianity as a religion which runs alongside Islam, for all of our differences.

So, a rainbow door for you this weekend. I like to think that there are similar doors around London in various places, leading to mysterious insides.


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