A Histomap: 4000 Years Of Human History Captured In One Chart

This “Histomap” was created by John B. Sparks, and was first printed by Rand McNally in 1931, and basically aimed to show a coherent, charted history of World History on a map through four thousand years. It’s pretty impressive, and splits up countries and races by colours and time eras.

You can see a bigger version that you can zoom in on here, and there’s a a few more histomaps by Sparks which came later such as this Histomap of Evolution. Seriously though, this is pretty amazing – while it’s not entirely accurate and feels outdated by today’s standards, it’s a pretty good interpretation of history as we know it put together alongside pretty much every other dynasty, era, world events and history that we know.

I love that the Indians and the Chinese section are pretty much the only ones which remain consistent and follow through the whole map without being broken – showing what a rich, long history these areas have. It’s also interesting to see that by the end of the map, there are several branches which are all thinner, showing a wide variety of ‘races’ or countries and their histories, perhaps suggesting that the world is becoming more diverse and people are beginning to gain an equal footing with each other. Or maybe that’s just my view of it.

For the time that it was created in, it’s still very impressive, and pretty well made.

“HERE IS THE ACTUAL PICTURE OF THE MARCH OF CIVILIZATION from the mud huts of the ancients to the monarchistic of the middle ages to the living panorama of life in everyday America”

Image Source

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