Bow Road’s Black and White Pearly Royalty

I saw this today along Bow Road, a black and white sketch of working life on the street, including Pearly Kings and Queens. I love that this part of East London is still celebrated for it roots, no matter how trendy it is becoming (and it really is becoming more popular, there were two art galleries, a good few fashionable cafes and several restaurants within a stone’s throw from this wall).

It’s always good to see some street art while wandering about in random parts of London, this one was a huge mural that covered a whole wall, by an artist called Pang (I think that was the signature!), so I’ll be looking out for more in this area.



That Time I Made Cookies

And they came out perfect. I like doing a little baking every now and then, and usually get the recipes from people I know, like one of my sisters who excels at baking.

These are double chocolate chip cookies that I made a batch of, and which I was pleased with because not only did they only take about 10 minutes to bake, they were beautifully soft and chewy and very chocolatey!


I’m sure I’ll be making more of these again, they got eaten way too fast (I also took a few into the office, but there wasn’t enough for everybody!) – I’m pretty sure there’s a hijabi Betty Crocker in me somewhere!


The Wonderful World of Christoph Neimann’s Abstract Sunday

I love finding ingenius art like this, and Christoph Neimann‘s quirky new world which reinterprets angles, objects and people in a brilliant yet simple way. While a lot of his ‘Abstract Sundays’ sketches are simple ink drawings, they’re cleverly drawn and usually beautiful, making us see objects in a new way.

You can see his Google Doodles here, to see how talented this artist is, and the fact that he continues to create new drawings with different images and different ideas.

And of course, anyone who loves Lego as much as I do deserves praise : )


You can find more of his work at:

Official website


Happy Chinese New Year!

Gong Hey Fat Choy!

I love keeping aware of events from other cultures and religions, and I’ve always loved the celebrations of Chinese New Year. It’s the Year of the Sheep this year, so look out for tender, polite, sensitive, clever, and kind-hearted babies this year! I’m hoping to pop by China Town and Soho this weekend to see the celebrations, I’ll be sure to post pictures if I do!

( And Here’s a fortune cookie I got today, which I loved because it was better than the ones everyone else got!)

DSC_0715 - Copy


Sometimes simplicity is the way to go – I can’t take the credit for this though (I took the picture but I didn’t make this!).

My eldest sister invited my husband and I for dinner, and set out a beautifully laid meal with starters, appetisers and salads followed the main courses (or feast, shall I say), and about three different desserts. We were stuff at the end of the meal and there were plenty of beautiful food on a plate (which we zoomed into our mouths), but I like this condiments/appetiser plate best; simple, bright and healthy.


Weekly Send Your Enemies Glitter Links

It’s been a while since I did one of these, mainly because I keep forgetting to post them. But here they are, thy first weekly links post of the year (took me a while, I know, but I was gathering good links…for research purposes or something.)

I really want one of these, flip books with a message in them. They’re old school and still awesome. And yes, I’m married now, but I still want the one with the proposal and ring in it 😀

3D Lettering art to mess with your head. Amazingly done too.

Game of Thrones fans, this is for you! A Game of Thrones-themed restaurant will be temporary open in London in Andaz Liverpool Street Hotel, with the food set out banquet-style, although it’s only running for a week and there’s one or two days left!

Disney Princesses re-imagined as fried food, in case you ever wondered. I quite fancy Beauty and the Wingdings myself.

I love this, turning coins into wearable jewellery. Available to buy here as well! (Although us Pakistanis and Indians started the money-wearing trend first, we used to thread notes into necklaces for grooms to wear at weddings!)

If Hermione were the main character in Harry Potter, a whole series re-defined. Ten Gryffindor points to feminism.

An animated short called Three Russian Bogaturs, very enjoyable and funny! Sometimes the most enjoyable cartoons are the simplest.

This is just disturbing, and weird, but there’s someone out there who’ll buy it – candles made to look like body parts. I remember getting useless lavender-scented candles for my birthday and not knowing where to put them, people will think twice now if I buy them this!

Why you should have a Vulcan boyfriend, a few reasons. Logical and argument-free!

Now this is wall art – DIY and made of moss – this guy did some seriously cool art, and there’s a recipe as well!

A knitted scarf made of gummy worms. Risk having some sticky fingers!

Send your enemies glitter. This is a thing now.

That’s all I have for today, but I’ll be compiling more and posting more again soon! Cupcake anyone?


A Histomap: 4000 Years Of Human History Captured In One Chart

This “Histomap” was created by John B. Sparks, and was first printed by Rand McNally in 1931, and basically aimed to show a coherent, charted history of World History on a map through four thousand years. It’s pretty impressive, and splits up countries and races by colours and time eras.

You can see a bigger version that you can zoom in on here, and there’s a a few more histomaps by Sparks which came later such as this Histomap of Evolution. Seriously though, this is pretty amazing – while it’s not entirely accurate and feels outdated by today’s standards, it’s a pretty good interpretation of history as we know it put together alongside pretty much every other dynasty, era, world events and history that we know.

I love that the Indians and the Chinese section are pretty much the only ones which remain consistent and follow through the whole map without being broken – showing what a rich, long history these areas have. It’s also interesting to see that by the end of the map, there are several branches which are all thinner, showing a wide variety of ‘races’ or countries and their histories, perhaps suggesting that the world is becoming more diverse and people are beginning to gain an equal footing with each other. Or maybe that’s just my view of it.

For the time that it was created in, it’s still very impressive, and pretty well made.

“HERE IS THE ACTUAL PICTURE OF THE MARCH OF CIVILIZATION from the mud huts of the ancients to the monarchistic of the middle ages to the living panorama of life in everyday America”

Image Source

Blue Door, Blue House

I saw a blue door. Eyes followed to see a blue wall, a blue house. It reminds me a little of those books, with Roger Red Hat and Billy Blue Hat in their red and blue houses. In the balcony some vines and leaves trail a little, windows shut with nets peeping through. I’m intrigued.

I knock on the door to see who lives there. It’s a small hotel, and they want to know if I have a reservation. I don’t, so I leave again, not before looking at their white and blue wallpaper and their plain carpet.