Weekly Burnt Tongues Links

It’s weekly links time! It’s been a while since I’ve done these, and it took me ages as well because I had to keep stopping and starting! But hope you had a good weekend anyway, I’ll be off planning my next diary entry.

Nour Saleh is a an artist who wears a hijab, so when she took part in a Draw Yourself challenge on Tumblr, she incorporated a headscarf into various superhero designs – I love some of these, time to jazz up my hijab!

Want to ask Deadpool a question? You can now.

I love this series of beautiful pictures which blend reality with fantasy – a beautiful impossible dreamy series by Erik Johansson (and his website is also very cool as well).

This artist has come supercute and superfunny anecdotes – but this one was my favourite.

I thought this was cute – Lord of the the Rings Middle Earth public service announcement posters – you think we could stick some of these up in London?

I want to make these. Aren’t they beautiful? More importantly I would like to eat these.

Hooray for librarians. Us book-nerds can save the world too.

It’s not a weekly links post without making fun out of Disney – this one says that Disney princesses are too skinny. I don’t know, I was too busy coveting their long hair and their libraries (Beauty and the Beast, yaaay).

Meet Walter Wheat, maker of Breaking Bad treats. Meth Crunchies anyone?

These are just cute.

Some cool conversations overheard in London. Never fails to entertain.




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