Weekly Ghetto Hiking Links

It’s that time again, looking at useful but entertaining links to brighten up our computer screens.

Noel Cruz is an amazing artist who takes generic celebrity dolls and re-paints them into something amazing – imagine having these as a kid, Barbie who?

10 famous poems recited by famous actors *fans self*

You may remember (or probably not) a while back I linked a website called Garfield minus Garfield. Meet the baby version, parents looking cuckoo without their babies.

This made me sad. And they’re only made of pixels.

Colouring books which have been corrupted, you’ll never look at colouring pages the same way again. Oh the potential. Don’t say you weren’t warned, some of these are clearly done by disturbed crayon-wielding geniuses.

Speaking of drawings, here’s some amazing one line drawings by someone called Quibe. Very clever stuff, worth a try (a straight line doesn’t count).

Ghetto hiking, how real kids go hiking. “HOMIE LOOTIN THE FOREST!”

Game of Thrones as an 8-bit gifs series – the most memorable deaths from the series. Warning, spoilers!

Feeling nostalgics for those childhood TV shows (in the 90s)? Feel nostalgic no more, here’s a website which has the 90’s cartoons streaming for free! Yaaaay, Are You Afraid of the Dark marathon incoming (it gets tedious ten minutes into the first episode.)

Jurassic Park from the velociraptors perspective
– a tragedy and some very misunderstood dinosaurs.

That’s all I have today peoples, although I’ll have more for your greedy eyes soon. In the meantime, enjoy the bank holiday and think about being in Star Trek themed games.


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