Weekly Ghetto Hiking Links

It’s that time again, looking at useful but entertaining links to brighten up our computer screens.

Noel Cruz is an amazing artist who takes generic celebrity dolls and re-paints them into something amazing – imagine having these as a kid, Barbie who?

10 famous poems recited by famous actors *fans self*

You may remember (or probably not) a while back I linked a website called Garfield minus Garfield. Meet the baby version, parents looking cuckoo without their babies.

This made me sad. And they’re only made of pixels.

Colouring books which have been corrupted, you’ll never look at colouring pages the same way again. Oh the potential. Don’t say you weren’t warned, some of these are clearly done by disturbed crayon-wielding geniuses.

Speaking of drawings, here’s some amazing one line drawings by someone called Quibe. Very clever stuff, worth a try (a straight line doesn’t count).

Ghetto hiking, how real kids go hiking. “HOMIE LOOTIN THE FOREST!”

Game of Thrones as an 8-bit gifs series – the most memorable deaths from the series. Warning, spoilers!

Feeling nostalgics for those childhood TV shows (in the 90s)? Feel nostalgic no more, here’s a website which has the 90’s cartoons streaming for free! Yaaaay, Are You Afraid of the Dark marathon incoming (it gets tedious ten minutes into the first episode.)

Jurassic Park from the velociraptors perspective
– a tragedy and some very misunderstood dinosaurs.

That’s all I have today peoples, although I’ll have more for your greedy eyes soon. In the meantime, enjoy the bank holiday and think about being in Star Trek themed games.



Beautiful Grafitti Birds by L7M

I ‘m mesmerised by these beautiful bird art pieces in grafitti style, by a Brazilian artist who goes buy L7M, (and is known as Luis Seven Martins by his parents) who blends media and colours to get a dreamy feel mixed with chaos and realism. The effect is beautiful, with realistic rendering and detail, and beautiful, vivid colour. The artist does a range of images, from portraits and various animals, but it’s these birds which I find beautiful and haunting.

You can see more pictures on his Facebook page here or his Flickr account.


My Vintage, Floral, Polka-Dot and Pearls Bridal Shower

I’ve been a little absent lately, I’m so sorry! I’ve had a crazy last few weeks with last-minute wedding preps and house hunting, which I’m hoping will calm down now that mostly everything is done! I can’t make any promises so watch out for my sporadic blogging, I’ll post whenever I can.

My eldest sister Happy Muslimah kindly threw me a bridal shower yesterday which was really fun, especially as it was full of lots of my friends, family and sisters which turned out to be really enjoyable. We decided to have a garden tea party, with the theme and dress code being anything vintage, floral, polka dot and pearly, and I loved how much effort everyone put in.


The decor was provided by my talented sister, who made banners and table decor, as well as made some yummy food for the table. My other sister put together the pretty draping in the garden to make a canopy, and also put together a lot of the decor and food, not to mention taking some amazing photographs of the day (I’m usually the one with the camera but didn’t get a chance to take many this time!) – so most of these photos are credited to her. It’s hard to tell from the photographs because I didn’t include a lot due to people being in them, but I loved all the details – the banners, the pegs, the butterflies and the colour themes.

The food was absolutely beautiful, most of my guests brought a dessert or dish, and they were all gobbled down. My sister made chocolate-covered strawberries which I didn’t even get to try because they disappeared so quickly, my best friend made some amazing double-chocolate chewy cookies, and yet another friend made pasties and pakoray. There was also an amazing chocolate trifle made by my sister in law which was very popular, and which felt very light and moussy.

Everyone tried to make an effort with the costumes, and I love that they all had a different take on it. I’ll admit, I didn’t get a lot of time to sort my own out, but I loved the floral dress I wore and my eldest sister lent me a string of pearls which matched wonderfull. Below you can see some of the floral prints and polka dots people wore, my sisters also wore floral prints and one of them even went for an excellent 50s’ style outfit.

I think the babies stole the show though, they toddled around in their dresses (my newest niece was being a relaxed kitten) and enjoyed the limelight, I’m pretty sure most of my friends were in love with them by the end of the day.

I wish I should show some of the more fun pictures with my family and friends in it, but a lot of them practise hijab and would prefer to remain private – but I can assure you it really was a fun day!

All in all we had a really nice afternoon – we played silly games (one involved asked me questions about the fiancé which they had asked him the answers for previously, if I got the questions wrong I had to chew some gum. I got all but 2 questions wrong!) and we had a good catch up with old friends, took photos and ate some yummy food. It was a really nice start to the wedding celebrations, I still have some weeks to go but it was nice to see everyone make an effort and also weird to be the cause of it. We’ll be having a few more parties before it’s all over, I’m sure, but this one was pretty amazing to start with : )