Weekly Odd Compliments Links

Weekly links time! Here’s some silliness for you.

One of the funniest Bollywood re-caps I’ve ever read – how to ruin your childhood and all those movies we watch.

A job application from a toddler. Looks okay to me.

Lessons on patriarchy and losing your tail for a silly reason by The Little Mermaid.

An alternate reality of Batman, where his parents become Batman and Joker. Love this idea.

Satellite pictures from around the world – some of these are amazing views. Not sure why saudi Arabia looks like a bunch of vinyl records though.

Pictures of famous cars by Jesus Prudencio – see if you can guess them without reading the captions!

Brilliant adverts which are shocking for some people, but these are amazing.

A website on finding movies and TV shows according to the genre, actors, run-time, etc – try it and see whether you like it!

A daily odd compliment. For those of us who like to be more awkward than usual.

Things you don’t need to know pushing out other stuff in your brain.

Celebrities with tiny hands. I don’t even know.

Remember these? Who needs weed when you can trip out on these?

Stop versus Go – battle of the little men.


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