Tyson Murphy’s Disney Light Studies

I saw these recent;y and thought they were amazing – illustrator and artist Taylor Murphy has taken scenes from a couple of movies and added layers of colour, light and texture to give a details, beautiful scene which adds much more depth and character. It must have taken hours, and you can see the beautiful penmanship the artist has – which really adds another dimension to these films.

I LOVED this take on a scene from Disney’s Sword in the Stone (one of my and my family’s favourite Disney movies, and not just because we watched this film on repeat) – now he just has to re-draw every other frame in the film and the 3D version of this film will be ready to watch in 20 years time.

sinthessmalbefore sinthes

This is another scene which he re-drew, again adding light, colour and detail which makes the scene seem much more alive and magical. While the original Disney animation is pretty good, comparing the two feels like crayon drawings next to an 3D masterpieces. Having said that, I won’t undermine the work of the Disney animators, but you really can see the difference here.


This is another piece that the artist did, showing the step-by-steps taken to get from a simple line drawing to a in-depth, textured pieces which is made more alive with colour and layers.


You can find more of Tyson Murphy’s work on Deviant Art, Tumblr, Instagram and Facebook.

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