Weekly Geeky Nerds Links

Weekly links time! Here’s something to go clickety-click with while you eat that slice of cake. (Okay fine I have  a slice of cake which is now gone).

Becky the wonderful blogger’s views on commuting WHICH I COMPLETELY AGREE WITH. Basically this is me every Monday morning. Except instead of my hair getting stuck in the doors, my scarf/handbag/eyelashes do instead.

Slang 101 by Doc Brown – thought this was pretty funny, especially because it sounds like a lot of silly boys in high school at the moment.

This is fun, an entire tumblr site dedicated to art created by bloggers of the Harry Potter world. If I could draw better, I’d contribute, as it is, I’ll just scroll through these with a crazy smile.

Ten years of ‘Mean Girls’ – I feel old 😦

How to describe different TV shows to different people. I really do this with some shows, you know – maybe I should just switch to Indian dramas.

Remember Frozen? The Disney film that everyone’s raving about? Here’s one way it could have ended.

This is pretty emotional, 60 powerful photographs through history from around the world – serious beautiful photo-skills to aspire to.

Are you a geek or a nerd? I say nerd (or at least, undercover nerd).

Yaaayyy Lego-special Simpsons!

Is it weird that I’m impressed with the dedication for this – 100 Days of (perfectly synchronised) Dancing?

Artist Isaiah K Stephens tackles our childhood cartoon characters and makes them All Grown Up. I feel even more old and depressed now. Time to go sit with the babies and get into Henry Huggle Monster or whatever it’s called.

So when I get married, I’m asking this to come in my dowry – a chair that holds 300 books and some pretty scarves with stars from outer space. *Hint* *hint*

That’s all I have for this weekend, it’s a lovely sunny Bank Holiday weekend, which means times to flood the parks with the whole of your family tree and hog some space under the trees. If not, stay inside like me and dream about eating some Chinese food which is probably not very healthy.



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