Weekly Pet Rock Links

I’ve been watching a new series this weekend, it’s taking a while to get into, but it’s keeping me occupied until the new episode of Game of Thrones which releases tomorrow. Yaay! In the mean time, here’s some links to giggle at.

Take me to a useless website. Or three more.

This Dementor prank made me laugh – especially the guy at the end!

This dad illustrated some of the things he says to his children – I like the toilet seat one.

Don’t pretend you don’t want one of these – a retro-style USB vacuum cleaner. Although I think this has been discontinued so you may have to search for it!

Beware pet rocks.

Bored? Want to play some music. Here, play some drums.

10 Amazing Tricks to play with your brain – I really liked the

This is interesting – Map of the Dead – a game to help you survive the zombie apocalypse. Cos you never know when that’s gonna hit.

I love these kinds of letters – this guy helpfully removing his neighbour’s lamp. Of course, some funny nonsense ensues.

I really liked this comic-fairy tale called ‘Knot‘ – read it and let me know what you think of it.

This guy made the most of April Fools with a Clippy the paperclip prank – I love it.

That’s all the links I could post for today – I’ve been looking for new books to add to my reading list, any recommendations?

"Don't look, son."
“Don’t look, son.”

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