A little post for a little sunset

I haven’t been posting for a few days, because I’ve been very, very busy lately with some personal things (which I’ll post about soon!) I’ve also felt like I’ve been in a bit of a rut, blogging-wise because I’ve been looking for new things to blog about, rather than the same old things that I feel have been repeated before. I’ve had plenty of ideas, articles, stories and silly jokes that I’ve wanted to post, but I’ve never managed to post a lot of these because I haven’t finished some of these stories, or because I’ve lost the momentum for some of these articles.

Lately, I’ve been wanting to go back to my first love, writing stories of different types, whether they’re fairy tales and folk stories, or if they’re serious stories, or even whether I write weird horror shorts. I haven’t gotten very far with this, as I’ve always managed to start then started to slow down and question my writing and my ideas. I still have a few ideas, and don’t worry, I’m not ready to give up yet! But I think that having read so many amazing (and terrible!) books and the fact that I’m always reading has made me more hesitant to put my own proverbial pen to paper (to fingers to keyboard).

Once of my close friends who reads my blog (she’s a secret lurker!) commented a few days ago that she still loves my blog, but that it’s always full of pictures. I love photography, and I forget that not everyone wants to see pictures all the time – it’s certainly true that a thought-provoking article, blog post or story will certainly stay with me just as a long as a good picture can. If anything, I feel that with the rise of social media and image-sharing, photography has become slightly over-rated, and some people may appreciate it’s beauty less. This has led me to think that I’ want to post more about what I love, and what I’ve been thinking, even if it’s silliness. I’ve always found writing therapeutic, although it’s not always easy to write about the more personal side of life.

So if I disappear for a few days here and there, just assume that I’m re-charging my brain’s engines so that I can post something more interesting, or that I’m taking another baby step towards that epic-saga I’ve always wanted to write!

In the meantime, here’s a picture of a sunset that caught my eye a while ago, that reminded me slightly of some murder-mysteries I’ve been reading – particularly the parts about lonely, winding roads and late evenings full of hazy memories. Or something like that. Sometimes street life isn’t always what you see every day, but it’s nice to catch those little moments when no-one’s looking : )

20130504_203938 - Copy

4 thoughts on “A little post for a little sunset

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