Weekly Sneezing Links

It’s weekly links time! Here’s a few links while I watch some Community and look up random sparkly things.

I love this artist’s commuting journey – something I need to try myself on those long train journeys in the morning!

How to pronounce designer names. Oddly enough, Primarni is not on there.

This is simple yet very cleverly done, country flags made of the country’s dishes – I love the Vietnamese one!

I thought this as really sweet – couples around the world and their body languages, there’s several which stand out for me, like the Afghanistani wife on a donkey being led by her hubby, or the Turkish couple.

The obligatory Disney links – Disney princesses re-imagined as dudes – some of these are seriously pervy-looking (plus a continuation here).

How to sneeze in different languages. This one is for my sister.

I thought this was quite interesting, it’s called the 3Doodler, and is essentially a 3D pen which can build on itself to make solid creations – like these – although I have no idea how sturdey the pen ‘lines’ are.

I’m not quite sure how this tells the time – but I want this funky watch so I can tell people that I start work when Mars is aligned with it’s second moon. Or something.

Thats it for now, this is pretty much me right now (minus the tea and plus the chocolates) – enjoy the rest of your weekend!when-its-cold2

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