Scrumptious Ben Cookie Mondays

I wanted to post about a favourite cookie bakery of mine, Ben’s Cookies – which sell some beautifully soft, chewy and chocolatey cookies which are just perfect – not too sweet, not too chewy and freshly baked. My favourite thing about this cookie though, is the logo, which was designed by the wonderful Quentin Blake – one of my favourite illustrators.

I don’t often get a chance to have some cookies from Ben’s Cookies (although when I do, I always go for the double chocolate!) but it’s makes my day when I go past a Ben’s Cookies bakery or stand, and I’m always recommending it to everyone I know so they can enjoy the cakey goodness.




A Mini Fairground

I saw these pretty things in a shopping mall a while back (they’re still there, I always look out for them when I go past!) – beautifully crafted mini ferris wheels and funfair-style toys. I love the old-timey style of these toys, they almost remind me of the wooden toys that used to be popular decades ago – which may have been simpler than today’s toys, but they also were beautifully made and lasted a lot longer!

So here’s something for the weekend to look at, I’d love to buy one of these for my nieces to play with but these weren’t for sale and I’m not sure where to find them, but I’ll keep looking!

City Dreams from a distance

Sometimes I enjoy being in a congested, crowded place to work in and live in, if only because of the beautiful night lights I see on the way home. There’s unexpected moments where I stop to appreciate the beautiful little things, the hidden street art, the pretty lanterns, the beautiful skies.

This is something I saw when I peeked out of my window at work about three minutes before putting my coat on to go home – the lights looks lovely, the sky was a wash of colours and there’s something dreamy about the city skyline in the background, especially with the string of coloured lights. I go past these lights every day (they change colour, that’s why one is green!) and have always wanted to get a decent picture of the lights, and have never quite managed to. Today I got a lucky shot which I was quite happy with, although no doubt I’ll keep trying to take better shots!

20140219_170945 - Copy - Copy

Treasure Boxes

I love sparkly things like any other girl, so naturally these pretty boxes caught my eye and I snapped them up. I’ve been collected pretty jewellery boxes and small embellished pill jars for a while, but these are my favourite ones so far.

I know this style of design is not new – I’ve had plenty of notebooks, pens, compact mirrors and pill-boxes with this same mirror design since I was a child –  but there’s something very appealing about these boxes which reminded me of the presents I used to get as a child from family in Pakistan or friends who have been on holidays.

So here they are, pretty mirrored boxes I use to hold my treasures (which are mainly my pennies and my blingy rings). I’m pretty sure I’ll have a new addition to my collection, but for these now, I’ll enjoy these sparklies!


dfsdfsAlso part of this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasures

Weekly Sneezing Links

It’s weekly links time! Here’s a few links while I watch some Community and look up random sparkly things.

I love this artist’s commuting journey – something I need to try myself on those long train journeys in the morning!

How to pronounce designer names. Oddly enough, Primarni is not on there.

This is simple yet very cleverly done, country flags made of the country’s dishes – I love the Vietnamese one!

I thought this as really sweet – couples around the world and their body languages, there’s several which stand out for me, like the Afghanistani wife on a donkey being led by her hubby, or the Turkish couple.

The obligatory Disney links – Disney princesses re-imagined as dudes – some of these are seriously pervy-looking (plus a continuation here).

How to sneeze in different languages. This one is for my sister.

I thought this was quite interesting, it’s called the 3Doodler, and is essentially a 3D pen which can build on itself to make solid creations – like these – although I have no idea how sturdey the pen ‘lines’ are.

I’m not quite sure how this tells the time – but I want this funky watch so I can tell people that I start work when Mars is aligned with it’s second moon. Or something.

Thats it for now, this is pretty much me right now (minus the tea and plus the chocolates) – enjoy the rest of your weekend!when-its-cold2

A Lighthouse Scene

Bright, bright, bright glows the light
Guiding you home my way…
It will be as it was
Before you went away.

Whether by land or sea
Know just how much I care.
Look for the glow of the lighthouse
You will find me there.

The Lighthouse by Marge Tindal

I drew this last year and never finished it, it’s part of a composition of pictures, which was meant to be a series of scenes. I’m intending to finish this at some point, and perhaps fill it in with watercolour, but for now I thought I’d share one of the pictures in the series.

There four more landscapes which finish this series, but I like this one the best because of the lighthouse, there’s an almost romantic feel to this, and I’m debating whether to make the water calm or rough – what do you think?


An Elephant at Waterloo

If you ever go to Waterloo Station, and come up the escalators, you may see this – a giant elephant wire structure created by artist Kendra Haste. I can’t remember the reason why there was an elephant installed here after it was bought by the London Underground (although I like some of these reasons) – although I’m glad there’s some funky art on the underground like this.

Here’s to an elephanty Monday, they may be big but they’re also magnificent, and they’re nice to peep at on the way to the station!



Quirky Musical Art – Music Artists made of Random Stuff

We saw this at Ripleys! which we loved – various portraits of musical artists made of things like sweets, cassette tape, license plates and phonebooks (generally the kind of stuff we find lying around at home, but these guys made good use of it).

I love how creative some of these are, they’re funky and well made – I love how the musician’s faces are captured so well!

A Sparkly Object

One of my favourite girly things that I have are rings – I love sparkly, huge, embellished rings. I’m not someone who wears a lot of jewellery (partly due to my teenage years of wearing five hundred bracelets, rings and necklaces at once, and partly because you can’t see it all under my hijab).

One thing I do indulge myself in every now and then are sparkly big rings, particularly from India and Pakistan with beautiful crystal and glass stones in beautiful settings – below is one of my latest additions to my ring collection, a gold filigree metal ring with a sea blue stone which I absolutely fell in love with. Needless to say, it won’t be the last ring I buy, although these don’t usually come very cheap so I’m looking to save my money for a little while and curb my spending (unless I see a really really pretty ring!)

DSC_3366 (2)Also part of this week’s Weekly Photography Challenge: Objects