Weekly Blanka Fighting Links

I’ve spent the weekend using my time wisely (translation: watching several episodes of Downton Abbey in one go, looking at pretty clothes and then reading a lot of silly stories.) Here’s some of the fruits of my labour:

Blanka and his friends messing things up. Darn those loveable Street Fighter fiends.

Why this blogger is not friends with a lot more friends on Facebook, and why I’m not either.

Kids who write mean (and funny) notes. With some added illustrations too.

Incredible art brought to digital life by the talented Rino Stefano Tagliafierro (I don’t know who he is either, but he did a pretty good job).

This guy has way too many free texts in his mobile phone package. Read here how he winds up several people and quite possibly gets blocked by half of the telephone book.

Famous bald heads. It the alien clown is still the scariest.

Cat friends and Dog friends. As someone with a cat in the house, I can relate.

9 Streets in the world I’d love to walk though (I do love the floating umbrellas one)

When Winnie the Pooh became The Avengers. Super cute stuff.

If Google was a man…he may be this guy. *goes and Googles my own name*

This one I could read all day – Clients from Hell, exactly what it says it is.

I think I’ve posted quite a few links together, got a few carried away but I’m sure you won’t mind. Now if you don’t mind, I’m going to Paint to do some colouring in.



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