Gong Hey Fat Choy!

Happy Chinese New Year ladybugs and gentlebeans! I don’t follow a lot of astrology/zodiacs, but it’s the Year of the Horse which is apparently a good year for business, travel and adventure!

I’d love to be in China Town this weekend to watch the celebrations, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to make it – anyone have plans to visit China Town this weekend?



Fishies and Jellyfishies at Sea Life London Aquarium

We visited the Sea Life London Aquarium a few days ago with all of the nieces and nephews (toddlers, babies and big kids all!) to look at lots of fish, sharks and jellyfishes.  I won’t say too much except to say that we had a lot of fun (the baby nieces had great fun squishing their faces at the glass and squealing at the fish) and that we ended up having nandos afterwards. I’ll let the photos do the talking about all the pretty fishes we saw (we didn’t find Nemo though!)


Big Ben Behind the Big Wheel

This is a lucky photography I took this weekend while wandering around Waterloo area – two iconic London landmarks merged together in one view.

I’d like to play around with colours and make some ‘Pop Art’ style montages with this image, although what would really make this picture more London-y would be a big red double decker bus in the corner (for now I’ll have to settle with the train going past, London Underground yaay!)

DSC_3424Also part of this week’s Weekly Photography Challenge: Juxtapositions

Weekly Blanka Fighting Links

I’ve spent the weekend using my time wisely (translation: watching several episodes of Downton Abbey in one go, looking at pretty clothes and then reading a lot of silly stories.) Here’s some of the fruits of my labour:

Blanka and his friends messing things up. Darn those loveable Street Fighter fiends.

Why this blogger is not friends with a lot more friends on Facebook, and why I’m not either.

Kids who write mean (and funny) notes. With some added illustrations too.

Incredible art brought to digital life by the talented Rino Stefano Tagliafierro (I don’t know who he is either, but he did a pretty good job).

This guy has way too many free texts in his mobile phone package. Read here how he winds up several people and quite possibly gets blocked by half of the telephone book.

Famous bald heads. It the alien clown is still the scariest.

Cat friends and Dog friends. As someone with a cat in the house, I can relate.

9 Streets in the world I’d love to walk though (I do love the floating umbrellas one)

When Winnie the Pooh became The Avengers. Super cute stuff.

If Google was a man…he may be this guy. *goes and Googles my own name*

This one I could read all day – Clients from Hell, exactly what it says it is.

I think I’ve posted quite a few links together, got a few carried away but I’m sure you won’t mind. Now if you don’t mind, I’m going to Paint to do some colouring in.


The Last DC-slash-Marvel Supper

I saw this yesterday and thought it was pretty interesting, a graphic-novel-superhero take on the iconic Da Vinci painting, The Last Supper.

I thought it was pretty interesting that Superman is put in the middle (I have read comparisons of Superman to Jesus so it makes sense), and it’s cute that Batman is in the role of Peter (the jealous disciple in this painting) – aka, Superman’s biggest rival. Also, Wonder Woman as Magdalene is a pretty good choice – the only other alternatives I can see there is Cat Woman or a X-Men heroine which would have been interesting too.

I like how all the major superheroes are in this painting – although I’m not sure how fans would like the mixing of DC superheroes with Marvel – although there is a good message of tolerance in this Last Supper!

20140124_170146 - Copy

Black Arum Lilies

Sounds like a quasi-romantic, depressing film title, right? No wait, that’s the Black Dahlia I’m thinking of. The Dragon or Black Arum lily is a beautiful version of the usual arum lily (one of my favourite flowers!) although it’s not quite black, with rich, deep purple tones and slight tints of indigo and red. I saw these a while ago and was pleasantly surprised that they’re not as depressing as they sound, they’re look beautifully elegant and would probably make a memorable and colourful bouquet!



Beautiful Intricate Pattern Art by Valetina Ramos

I came across these beautiful pieces of art and print work by  talented artist Valentina Ramos, who uses ink with paint colour to create beautiful, flowing pieces with quirky animals, colourful flowers and intricate patterns – and I love everything I’ve seen of hers.

Valentina mixes bright, pop colours with lines, swirls and details which result in a beautiful explosion of colour, and designs and prints which remind me of retro mehndi designs or funky wall art (imagine these on your bedroom walls – or as mehndi designs on your hands!).

I love how well this all work – intricate, detailed designs, bright colours and some quirky, cute subject matter (there’s prints about armadillos and camels, come on!) – it’s easy to see why this is so likeable.

You can see Valentina Ramos’ other work on her website, her blog and her Facebook group – have a browse, her work is beautiful.


All images do not belong to me and are from Valentina Ramos’ website.

Serene Boat Mondays

I thought I’d post something which reflects my mood a little these days – contemplative, quiet, breezy but overall, quite serene. I’ve had a few big changes recently which have made me think about the things I want to do this year, and it’s made me think about my priorities.

One thing I really want to do is travel and find new things, and this below reminds me of travelling slightly because it was a surprise find while I was looking at something else – it was really nice to turn and see this lake with a few boats floating calmly. I love boats too, so this is something I’m looking forward to in summer too, enjoying good weather while sailing/paddling and also exploring big parks and greenery.

Until then, I’m busy making plans for things which I can do this year (Chocolate Tour of London, anyone?) – any suggestions?

20140112_150650 - Copy

Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

Family means a lot to everyone, and it’s quite a broad word which . It can be blood-relations, close friends –  I have close girl-friends who are like sisters to me, and male friends who I treat like brothers – partners, pets or even random people we know who are special to us.

One of the biggest positives for me in the last year was having two new arrivals in the family, both nieces, who have each made their place in the family a unique and cherished one, and both of whom are characters which we love dearly.

So here’s to family.

20121208_171558 - Copy

Knights and Proud Horses

I visited Liverpool Street to have a meal at a pretty restaurant recently, and saw this in one of the Squares around the restaurant which I really liked. Created by English sculptor Denis Mitchell, this is a huge piece of metal work of a beautifully embellished horse with a knight sat atop it. It represents, apparently, King Edgar’s gift of land to his knights, which was measured “the distance a horseman could throw his lance.”

So pretty beneficial for the darts-players, really.

The blue stones in this are my favourite bit, they’re beautifully bright and really accentuate the whole piece to make it an almost romantic piece – makes me think of French courtly tales and knights from the middle ages almost. The statue itself is pretty big, standing next to it we could it was at least twice the height of one of us (if not more) but that just makes it look more majestic. It’s situated in a quiet area too, so you get plenty of people wandering around in the peace and taking pictures : )