Weekly Photo Challenge: Let there be Light

I’ve posted before about the values of light in photography, and I haven’t really changed my opinion since my last post. I though I’d focus this post on landscapes and castles (especially since I’ve been to a few beautiful castles in the past!) to show how light can be importantly, although this depends on how you use it and the end effect it gives.

I find that castles give interesting variations

1. Rochester Castle
This was a fun castle to visit, mainly because of of all the rocky places to climb and the dark hiding places. When I visited, the weather was pretty overcast so gave all of my pictures an overall gloomy, dark look. I think this went well with atmosphere of the castle, so I chose to go with my ‘no-flash’ philosophy here and liked what I ended up with – the dark crevices and corners were just as dramatic and effective as the rocky walls and open windows. So i think this is a great way of showing how light can also be effective when there’s not a lot of it.

war (1)war (3) war (2)

2. Hever Castle
I liked this castle because of how green and lush everything looked (although it helps that I visited in summer time). I haven’t edited these pictures at all, because there was no need – everything looked beautifully colourful and the lighting for these landscapes are just perfect to me – they set off the colours well and the shadows are still part of the picture of make it more ‘3D’. This is opposite to the pictures above where the focus is shadow, here light is more illuminating and brings out the colour more.

hever (1) hever (2) hever (3)

3. Leeds Castle
I visited this beautiful place with my family, and have a lot of fun memories here, because there is a lot of atmosphere, beautiful peacocks and a giant maze to discover. The pictures below show a mix of light and shadow, and again are unedited, which has an almost romantic effect on the features of the castle. I also like the fact that the light doesn’t hide the flaws of the castle, like it’s cracks, but uses the shadows and lines to add a bit of character.

leeds (1) leeds (2) leeds (3)

Over the years, I’ve gotten into the habit of not using the flash on my camera to make use of the light and atmosphere in a landscape – and the pictures above only show my why this works for me. I’d like to play around with flash lights and colours to see what I can end up with, but I think for me, no-flash will always be the way to go!

Part of the Weekly Photo Challenge for this week

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