Harlequin Oddities Found About Town: Crouching Robot, Hidden Wooden Giant

I saw this giant hidden away in Canning Town area, hidden behind some very high fences, which made it slightly easy to overlook unless you happen to look up (or through the fences and boards like I did). The Canning Town Giant, as it’s known is a giant art sculpture made from re-used wood, and made by a group of artists known as ROBOTS>>>>,who created this with a team of sculptures, set builders and art directors.

The purpose of this sculpture is to draw attention to nature, to highlight the idea of recyling and and to transform ugly areas into beautiful ones. This certainly makes sense, as Canning Town is a regeneration area which has been worked on for several years as a project to re-build, re-beautify and bring up the standards of the area – so something like this would make a great attraction.

When I saw this giant, I was quite charmed – I like the idea of a crouching gentle giant bending down to pick flowers (or trees, more like) and peeking at you from over the high fences and billboards. Think of it as East London’s very own BFG.



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