Rubbish Shadow Art by Tim Noble & Sue Webster

By ‘rubbish’ shadow art, I mean made from rubbish, not terrible – because this stuff is amazing! Artists Tim Noble and Sue Webster have taken shadow art to another level – using pieces of rubbish and junk to make some amazing pictures.

The duo also have created more artwork with lights, paint and other mediums, but it’s the shadow-art which stands out for me, because of how cleverly it’s put together, and the fact that the objects used look nothing like the end shadow result. You can see more of their shadow art on their website, or here.

I love the detail in their work – right down to strands of hair, facial features and shapes of clothes – which something that shows how delicate this art is, despite the medium used to make it!

rub1rub2 rub3 rub4 rub5 rub6All images belong to Tim Noble & Sue Webster

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