Stik Family Art

Stik art – literally an artist who draws bright, colourful and oversized stick men with a message. I like the simplicity of this artist’s work, and like Banksy, his work is in random places, the artist is elusive, and usually has a message. This is one that I saw of a Stik family in Whitechapel on the corner of a road (next to a dessert place, may I add!), although I don’t think there was a so much of a political message with this one. I was annoyed that it had been spoilt a little with random tags and stickers, although I suppose that’s what happens when it’s street art.

You can see another Stik piece that I saw a while back here on the door of a pub, which I LOVED, although I’m keeping my eyes peeled for more!



The Right and The Left

I love this series of pictures, of the right-and-left sides of the brains. What stuns me most is that these were designed by, of all companies, Mercedes-Benz. I love the whole concept of these, and I find myself saying ‘yes, that’s me!’ to both sides (although I find that I’m more Right and Left).

I love how much work has gone into this, I can imagine that these would appeal to everyone for one reason or the other – there’s so much emotion coming out from them, really illustrating the difference between logical, accurate and scientific and the artistic, passionate and carefree.

So which side are you?



passion-72dpiImages from here

A Flowery Eid Party…2013

We held our annual Eid Party last week (which is always very popular with the under 6s, especially when we lay out our candy bar and fruit table), and this year our theme was spring greenery and flowers. Initially we threw a few ideas around, and wanted to go with a nice peachy-and-mint theme with a vintage feel, but we thought that this would get trashed in about three minutes after all the rabble turned up, so we changed the theme to something a bit easier to do and which looked pretty (and girly!) too.

Of course, as with all of our parties, we had some amazing food, not least because several of our lovely guests contributed dishes and desserts for the party too – you can see below a sample of what we ate!

The highlight of the party though, was probably my two baby nieces poking at each other and pulling legs while they looked bewildered – adorable!

Weekly Artistic Lipstick Links

It’s been ages since I’ve done one of these, but the good thing is, I’ve collected lots of links since the last one, so enjoy while I’m off hunting down more links and putting together photos for future posts.

56 seriously adorable ways to decorate and craft with the Japanese sensation that is washi tape – I may try some of these!

Instagram is the new social media craze right now – and Harry Potter’s no exception from his posts. If you ever wondered what kind of posts Harry Potter would post to embarrass his children, look no more.

This is different – fashion icons carved into lipsticks, (which you can also buy here if you’re crazy enough) – although I’m not sure whether a lipstick carved in Anna Wintour’s face would make me love lipstick more.


Some Halloweeny links – amazing kid’s costumes (seriously, I can’t decide which one I like most!), some amazing face make-overs (I love the Lichtenstein one!) and some very cool costumes (and also a couple of disturbing ones).

Some amazing fingerpainting art by artist Iris Scott– makes a real difference to the usual smiley faces I’ve seen.

If you’re not a people-person, this is for you. I’m sure you can relate to at least three of these even if you are a people-person!

Remember the Buffy the Vampire Slayer years? No? Here’s some funny re-caps of the series, starting from episode one. You’re welcome, now reminisce from 3…2…1…

Superheroes. How times have changed.
Superheroes. How times have changed.

Stormtroopers against the horizon at London Comic Con…!

I attended the MCM London Comic Con today, which was great fun, not least because of the amazing, detailed costumes worn by a lot of the fans. I’ll be posting properly about the Comic Con in a couple of days, but in the meantime here is one of my favourite photographs that I took at the Comic Con.

I’m not sure if it’s because of the awkward posing of the Stormtroopers, the fact that the backdrop of the Royal Docks behind make an almost anachronistic setting (it’s not the Death Star, is it!) or even the fact that I wanted to (and almost did!) dress up as Darth Vader (the hijabi version) for the Comic Con that makes this picture memorable for me – but I do think these were one of the many highlights of the day : )

DSC_3417Posted for this week’s Photo Challenge – Horizons

Glueguns & Craftiness: Flowers And Watering Can Art on Walls

Here’s a sneak peek at the decor for the Eid Party we held for this year, which my sisters and I decided to celebrate – and as you can guess, our theme was flowers, spring-time and greenery. Although we weren’t exactly sure what we were going to end up with, we all chipped in to help cut out flowers and stick them on the wall for a nice girly feel (or as my nephew declared ‘yuck, this is going to be such a girly party!)

Here’s what we finished with, I loved the effect of the flowers pouring from the watering can, even if the look did slightly remind me of primary school classrooms! So here’s some inspiration for any party-planning you may have in mind – it doesn’t take long to do, it’s easy and it looks very pretty!

20131018_203221 DSC_3656 DSC_3657 DSC_3662DSC_3661

Rubbish Shadow Art by Tim Noble & Sue Webster

By ‘rubbish’ shadow art, I mean made from rubbish, not terrible – because this stuff is amazing! Artists Tim Noble and Sue Webster have taken shadow art to another level – using pieces of rubbish and junk to make some amazing pictures.

The duo also have created more artwork with lights, paint and other mediums, but it’s the shadow-art which stands out for me, because of how cleverly it’s put together, and the fact that the objects used look nothing like the end shadow result. You can see more of their shadow art on their website, or here.

I love the detail in their work – right down to strands of hair, facial features and shapes of clothes – which something that shows how delicate this art is, despite the medium used to make it!

rub1rub2 rub3 rub4 rub5 rub6All images belong to Tim Noble & Sue Webster

Where We Live Now

Okay yes, I made a play on that film, (although I’m still undecided about whether I want to watch it), although my point is really, this is what I see when I look outside the window of my bedroom.

It’s crowded, busy, dark and most often cloudy (and can you see the beginnings of the Christmas lights, which are already being put up?), but we still love glorious old London – and it looks best, in my opinion, when there is a colourful rainbow sky to illuminate the town.

20131017_181603 - Copy - Copy

Part of the Weekly Photo Challenge for this week

Our Eid…! (summed up in cakes, colourful clothes and Eid banners!)

Good news, I’ve finally come back to the blogging world, after finally getting a new replacement for my clapped-out laptop (yaay, the yummy smell of new plastic and keyboards! mmmm)

Here’s something which has also kept me busy all of last week, celebrating Eid-ul-Adha, which is the time of pilgrimage for many Muslims, and also the festival of sacrifice, in honour of Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) and his willingness to sacrifice his son.

Here’s a few peeks at some of the things we did during Eid (which was mostly eat a lot of food, wear lots of pretty clothes and make fun out of relatives and each other!)

I hope you all had a great Eid, with plenty of great food and company – we certainly did!

Happy Eid…!

Happy Eid everyone! I’ve had to take an unexpected (and forced!) hiatus from blogging for a few days, as my computer’s finally given up and fried, which means I’m laptop-less for a few days.  I should be back very soon (and I’ll post wherever I can, I’m currently using my sister’s laptop and *hating* it because it’s not got my usual bookmarks and settings on it), and I’ll be blogging plenty of new posts, pictures and weird articles again once I’m up and running!

For now, have a great Eid if you’re celebrating, and hope you enjoy some good food, beautiful outfits and good company! (Don’t worry, I took plenty of pictures to post from my Eid days!)

Eid Mubarak everyone! – Harlequin x