Weekly Chicken Walks Links

It’s a good time and a sad time…summer is ending (by the looks of the hormonal weather), but now is also the season of the beautiful golden (crunchy!) leaves. Here’s a few links to enjoy while we say goodbye to summer.

My sister’s taking part in a Top 25 European Mom blog contest – please help her win and vote for her!

Bridezillas. I don’t even. NO ONE MUST BE SKINNIER THAN THE BRIDE.

Looking for some good books to read, but only want the best? Here’s a list of the books which won the Man Booker Prizes in the last two decades. Some good stuff here!

A lovely commercial I thought I’d throw in. No idea what it’s advertising though.

A really interesting website about Lost Islamic History – it’s art, stories and inventions. Worth a read.

Superheroes painted the Picasso way. I quite like it, Batman looks like he has his fist in his own mouth.

Science memes – moral of the story is either don’t play with maths, don’t underestimate maths, or some people have too much time on their hands. You decide.

Cat poetry! I like the ‘let me in let me in let me in’ one. Really puts its point across. Also, more cat stuff – texts from cats.

Awwww, heart-shaped fruities. Wouldn’t make the greatest Eid present though, if you ask me.

Samuel L Jackson is re-invented…as Disney characters.

That’s all for this weekend, I’m going to spend the next week gathering up more links and sift through them, a bit like our mums pick through lentils. Happy weekendings, folks!



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