Musical Food at Motown

Motown Dessert – my new haunt (okay fine, it’s just  the new place I’ve been stalking chocolate cake at, anyway) – I’ve visited this dessert place several times now (and there’s more than one branch too) and have always come away feeling like I’ve spent time in a pretty, cosy den, and with a chocolate-filled stomach.

Dessert places are all the rage in London these days (cupcake parlous, coffee-shops and ice-cream boutiques are practically everywhere!) and it’s always fun to sit down, enjoy a slice of cake or three, and yabber with some friends awhile.

So far, Motown has pleased me – there’s great art, bright lights, some amazing cakes and many things musical related – the first thing which caught my eye were the record tiles along the walls and counters, not to mention the very funky record-lightbulbs. Here’s a glimpse of some of the decor:

20130411_204709 20130416_172452 20130411_193545 20130416_18013320130416_175917

Of course (and more importantly!) there’s scrumptious dessert with cute musical names like James Brownie, Chocomotion and Soul Cake (or something like that, I don’t really remember), which tasted pretty great – it’s always a relief when the food in a pretty restaurant lives up to expectations!

20130416_173438 20130411_195918 20130411_200030 20130416_173448

I love the wall art here too, it’s quirky, London-centric and even musical – which really appeals to my liking (I really do like the red buses and post-boxes which stand out!)

20130416_172538 20130416_172628 20130416_180057 20130416_180106

All in all, this is definitely a place I’d recommend, even if it’s just to ogle the funky art and the musical theme, it’s not often that everything is tied in well together in a restaurant like this – and let’s face  it, there’s chocolate cake to be had and some very tempting ice-cream scoops – who can say no to that?


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