Journal Your Ramadan – Day #28: Traditions

My family and I, in general, tend to go big when it comes to Ramadan as well as Eid – we like to plan a lot of things, give lots of presents, decorate the house, have big iftaris with plenty of samosas as well as our Eid feasts.

So in our own way, we’ve established our own traditions over the years, like the way we get up in the morning of Eid to get ready and say hello to our Mum first. Or the way we eat our iftari dinners, starters, samosas and fruit first, then prayers, then the main meal. Or even the way we wait for Eid to be announced – it’s not official in our house unless our dad has confirmed it, (from anyone else, it’s just rumours).

We don’t really have any established traditions apart from some of the cultural ones a lot of people in our community follow – dressing up in new outfits for Eid, getting henna done on Chand Raat (the day before Eid when the moon is sighted), buying gifts for each other and giving money to the youngsters – but we keep our ‘traditions’ fun and easy.

One thing we have (kind of!) started a tradition of is throwing Eid parties nearly every year – we all get together with decor ideas, themes, games and good food, and invite lots of friends and family to get dressed up and enjoy the evening. We’re planning one soon at some point this year, so it will be nice to have a fun night and get together, although more about this closer to the time!



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