Journal Your Ramadan – Day #26: Out and About

Ramadan is drawing to a close, which is keeping all of us quite busy with Eid shopping, food shopping and last-minute chores before that blissful time off work! I’ve been out and about quite a bit in the last week or so, and today was no different – the good thing about the long summer days is that I get to stay out for longer and take my time when shopping. Here’s a few sights I saw today in various places, while shopping and while on the way home.







2 thoughts on “Journal Your Ramadan – Day #26: Out and About

  1. Was this at the Exchange? Looks very familiar. Love how you and your sisters go all out for Eid. I need to start doing that for my little ones. Hope you are well.

    1. It’s really the only times of the year that we can go all out for everyone at the same time in the family! It’s something we look forward to every year (although we also end up overspending every year too!)

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