Journal Your Ramadan – Day #25: Drink

Here’s what I wish I was drinking today, although these days I’ve been sticking to cold glasses of water for iftari (and the occasional sneaky coke).

During Ramadan time, I’ve really learned to appreciate drinks, particuarly water, in this heat. It’s made me think about those less fortunate than us who don’t always have access to clean drinking water, and how we have it in abundance in the comfort of our homes. Ramadan has also been slightly harder this year because it’s during the hottest month of the year, in the sweltering heat and thick, sticky and humid atmosphere. For myself personally, this has been one of the bigger challenges of Ramadan this year, keeping your mind distracted from thirst, and keeping a cool attitude. Alhamdullilah, I’ve managed okay so far, I’ve been drinking glasses of water before bedtimes (which I never used to do), and I eat more water-based fruits which also help a lot.

Still, I’ll be looking forward to a nice fruity mocktail in a few weeks, though!


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