Journal Your Ramadan – Day #23: From where I stand

I’ve been standing in a lot of places today, although it started off slightly boring because of the normal work day, and the heat didn’t really give me a chance to go anywhere interesting! Here’s a few snapshots of today, anyway though!

The view from my office window, a bit boring but if you look closely, you can see the Olympic Stadium, the Orbit and some DLR railway lines. Pretty, see!
A view on the way home, where I stopped to appreciate some greenery (and also debate going to the supermarket)
Ending up at the supermarket, in the frozen food section to cool off from the hot sun outside. I’m not saying I did, but I MAY have gone home with about four boxes of ice cream.
Helping to prepare food for iftari time – this was for a fruity dessert!
Our first barbeque of the year! We decided to make the most of the summery evening and grill chicken (those aren’t my feet, by the way, they’re my niece’s!)
The view in my garden (a bit blurry, sorry!) – by now it was getting darker and cooler, plus the trees gave us good shade.
Some of the food we had! Naturally I was standing around taking pictures before I ate (also do you like our new pretty green and blue glasses?)

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