Journal Your Ramadan – Day #6: Workspace

The workspace is important as foundation for all sorts of things – your job, your home, your meal, your hobbies and even your habits and routines for the day. It can be different things to different people (and looks different too!), some may need a small space to cook their meals or clean, and others may need something bigger to help manifest their inspirations. When I was younger I would work on the floor a lot – for my art, my essays, school work, my internet fun, games and even during meal times, when my parents would prefer us to eat on the floor as is Sunnah, so that we would relax and enjoy our food properly.

I’m not sure how to properly interpret the ‘workspace’ today, so I’ll do both kinds – the office place and the home place. This is my desk at my work area – apart from the computer littered with Post-its and a ringy-ring telephone, you can see I have a lot of papers lying around and my doodle page for when I get phone-calls. Unfortunately, I get a lot of phone calls, so you can image I get through a lot of doodle pages a day.

My theory for a messy desk is that if it makes you anxious, you’re more likely to deal with work, rather than papers which has been neatly filed away, out of sight (and mind). This theory kinda works so far, but it also makes me look slobby and has the effect of making me look like I don’t do any work. Add this to my slowed-down Ramadan pace (and the extreme heat!), my original desktop has not seen the light of day for months. Oh

20130715_112211 - Copy

And this is our (well, my Mum’s) workspace at home – the kitchen work tops. My Mum’s miracles all happen here, her most delicious dishes are made in just a couple of hours and perfected with beautiful desserts. These days the main things we have been using it for it chopping up fruit and frying a few naughty samosas and pakoras to open our fasts with, and also a few chappatis for those of us who can fit it in our shrunken stomachs. Our dining table also gets a fair bit of usage as being the table we hold everything on until we can move it to our main sitting room to eat – usually big hunks of watermelon and lots of mango boxes!





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