Journal Your Ramadan – Day #5: Something Crafty

I couldn’t think of anything crafty which I could relate to Ramadan, and I didn’t really have time to make anything which would be practical, so I thought I’d draw something instead. Here’s some of the fruit and veg we’ve been eating this Ramadan (okay I didn’t have any carrots, but my sister-in-law steamed some, so I think it still counts.)


I thought I’d also show this, a 30-day advent-calender-style dates calender, with Tunisian dates in each box, which I thought were ‘crafty’ in a way, because it would be great for kids to have fun with. I remember my sister had an even better one last Ramadan which had short hadiths or stories in each windows, so that her children could learn something before they munched down some chocolate!


Oh, and here’s a peacock feather I doodled too. I was trying to see what a feather would look like as a mehndi pattern, so sketched it out first. While I like how it looks, it would be far too messy to do the same thing with a henna cone, so perhaps a simplified version, maybe?



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