Journal Your Ramadan – Day #3: On My Table

On my table there’s plenty of knick-knacks, tiny plastic toys (thank you Kinder Egg!), creams and newspapers, books and computer paraphernalia, which basically shows what a mess I can be, and also how I don’t let a lot of people in my room unless they can walk around the junk.

I’d love to have done a bohemian  photo shoot of all the cool things I have just casually (and conveniently!) lying around, a few books (or twenty), some miniatures perfume bottles, a few tastefully draped necklaces and/or bracelets that I’ve *just* slipped off.
Unfortunately, none of our tables look like that, and I don’t have time to create a pretty one because I work most of the day, and when I come back, my mum doesn’t like me laying out weird stuff all over her dining table too much (especially as it’s cooking time).

Instead, seeing as it’s close to iftari time about now, I thought I’d post a few of the things we’re laying out on the dinner table, instead. We tend to have very similar food every year, so there are certain smells, tastes and spices which we’ve associated with Ramadan – samosay (meat-filled pastries), fruit chaats (mixed fruit salads) and dates are definitely some of them, and with them, come all the dressings, spices and sauces.

We’ve tried to become more health-conscious over the years (less fried stuff, less fatty parathas, more fruit and cooked food), although having said, we’ve never really been able to resist the samosas!

My mum making pakoray and samosay
Something a bit healthier, steamed vegetables
Fruit chaat – chopped up mixed fruits (with some added masala)
The fruit table for all the family (although cling-filmed so it doesn’t get ruined)
Crispy chicken and lamb filled samosay
Ready table, complete with a plate of dates and some chutney

2 thoughts on “Journal Your Ramadan – Day #3: On My Table

  1. Hahaha! My bed side table’s a mess with kinder egg toys teething rings, my son’s Kre-o (Lego) and all sorts so I took some things from there and put it on my hubby’s side. Will post both on my blog.

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