Journal Your Ramadan – Day #1: Suhoor/Dawn

I thought I’d do something a little different, this year, and follow a blog challenge which journals my Ramadan – particularly after seeing some of last year’s entries which were really interesting, especially the ones from around the world. I’ve also been feeling quite inspired this year, and thought I’d do something which really makes me think about who I am, what I believe in, and what I love.

Feel free to join me, here is the list below which I got from this lovely blogger:

ramadan journal 2013

Dawn is today’s topic, and one which is important because it signifies the beginning of the day, of the fast, and of course, your intentions.

This is a picture I managed to take outside my bedroom window (although admittedly, this was later on and not when I first woke up because it was too dark!). I was a bit annoyed with my view outside the window, far too urban, cluttered and slightly boring, I would love to be on a hilltop somewhere or in the countryside to get a better view – but for now, this will have to do. I do love the vivid, bright colours here though, it came out slightly more orangey on my camera for some reason, but it does show how beautiful the weather has been the last few days!


Being more of a night-time person, I find early dawn a bit of a challenge, I’ve always been one who loves sleep and I’ve never been an early morning person, ever. So I think this is something of a personal goal for me too, to make the most of the mornings and to try to wake up earlier (not just for work!) There’s a special feeling in the mornings of Ramadan, of being part of something bigger which is quite inspiring, and despite not wanting to eat much in the mornings (not to mention that morning breath!), it’s a satisfying feeling to join the family at dawn to eat a little, pray a little and go to bed a lot more content.

On a last note, I’d like to finish with this – beginnings. Beginnings of Ramadan and fasting, beginnings of looking after yourselves,  for some people, the beginning of changing their lives. Ramadan is a special time for everyone, and it can certainly change some of your habits or world-view, and I find that the older I get, the more I appreciate this.
I love these beautiful pictures from various countries of the World’s first day of fasting – something to show that amongst all that good food, there’s also great spirit, good-will and a wonderful feeling of appreciation for Ramadan.

Ramadan Mubarak, everyone x

4 thoughts on “Journal Your Ramadan – Day #1: Suhoor/Dawn

  1. Ramadan Mubarak! I’m not fasting this year as I’m still breast feeding my baby. I want to make the most of Ramadan as I can and may still try to get in a few fasts and see how it goes. Will try doing this photo journal too but got so many things I’m supposed to be doing. Little one is teething so not getting anything done!

    1. Thank you, and khair mubarak! If you do end up doing a photo-journal, I’d love to see! It’s nice to have something different to think about in Ramadan, it’s been keeping me busy with taking pictures and thinking about the best way to do a post!

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