Weekly Magical Unicorn Hoodie Links

Weekend time! Here’s some links to get inspired and help you do that thing you always wanted to do…like climb Mount Everest. Okay we both know that’s a big crock of rubbish, so here’s some links to waste time instead.

A photo-journey on the planet Mars. Or perhaps not, just someone’s backyard. I love how close-up photography can create effects like this (and something I need to try myself!)

Remember those adventure books with options on every page to choose your own next step (like ‘pick up the axe and fight a troll, page 23, or run away to the woods, page 76), which you may have a read as a kid? Well here’s an online (blog) version, which you can click your way through, great fun. Although having said that, I did used to try and cheat with those books by bookmarking pages to go back to!

A magical unicorn hoodie-slash-backback. What more do I need to say.

If you’re a big comic book fan, this is a link for you. 60 comics everyone should read, from the superhero greats like Batman and Superman, to the sillies like Matt Groening’s strips. Although I have to say I’ve never really liked the Moomins and would never read a comic about them.

It’s not a good weekend unless there’s some Lego thrown in – here’s some Lego Stilettos, which should have been made years ago, in my opinion.

Teachers who got the last laugh. Unfortunately, none of these went to my school, nor were as cool.

I’ve seen a lot of series of photos of objects which have been taken apart, like these immaculately lined up objects. I liked the Blackberry one best, but that’s just because I don’t like Blackberry phones very much.

Here’s a cool game – Mapcrunch – for those of you who would like to purposely get lost and find you way home in any country, all in the safety of your home on a computer. A bit like a stag night out, I suppose.

A series of photographs of buildings – looking up. I really liked this perspective, and it’s definitely a lot safer than standing on top of a lot of tall buildings and looking down.

Lastly, you know how I love my Disney links – honest titles for Disney films.



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