Durdle’s Door & Lulworth Cove, Bournemouth

This place is officially on my Top Ten list of most amazing places ever. It’s not just the beautiful greeny-blue clear water, or the high rock formations (or ‘Durdle’s Door’, as it’s called) with its beautifully cool breeze. It’s that feeling of serenity which settles over you as you slowly gather closely to this beautiful place, the clean pebbles which crunch under your feet, and the feeling of being completely elsewhere, somewhere outside of the hustle and bustle of everyday life and it’s pollution.

Don’t get me wong, I love living in the city, London is home to me like no other, but when you get away from its crazy traffic, all those congested shops and materialistic, designer brands and stresses of crisp-white-shirted offices, to a beautiful place like this, it’s gives you a chance to switch off, relax and forget re-charging those batteries, just take them out.

We only spent a day at this beautiful place, but it was honestly the highlight of everyone’s day. I think it was also better because none of us expected to be this peaceful and beautiful, and it’s really a journey climbing down, walking down, strolling down (nearly falling down in my case!) before you even get to the shore. For me, this is the stuff of holiday brochures, but with all the sounds, salty smells and little jigs that come with it. I could go on more about what a beautiful place this is, but I’ll let the photographs say it for me – this is really a memorable, special place for me (especially as my sisters and friends chalked my name in BIG LETTERS on the cliff walls for me) – and I can’t wait to go back.







6 thoughts on “Durdle’s Door & Lulworth Cove, Bournemouth

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  2. I love Durdle Door. You’re absolutely right – there is something magical about the space. I still have a pencil drawing I made when I first visited it on a school trip some 25 years ago. And every time I look at the drawing, I can’t help but smile and remember the wonderful day we spent exploring along the shore.

    1. You should go back there! There’s something secluded and peaceful about the place which is amazing, I can’t wait to go again! And drawing it is a great idea, I may take a sketchpad along and try my hand at it πŸ™‚

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