Feroza – Our Online Shop

I mentioned earlier about a project that I was working on with my sisters, and now it’s ready, I can tell you what it is!

Introducing Feroza, our new online shop, created by us four sisters, HappyMuslimah, JoJo Jeenius, and Shutterbug, which will be selling handmade and kundan style  jewellery, scarves, hijab pins, accessories, handmade cards and tasbeeh – and we’re launching today! – and we’re launching today!

We named Feroza after our grandmother, whose name it is, whom we were all very close to, and also because the name also means ‘turquoise’, which is our Mum’s favourite colour (and which also refers to those pretty turquoise stones we see in jewellery!). Our logo is actually a tree brooch I own, when we all saw it, we exclaimed that it would be perfect. From then, our company was born!

We’ve all been working hard on the company’s website, on getting the right products, on taking images of the products and on promoting – and now we’d like you to come and have a look at the shop and see for yourselves!

Click here for the shop link, and please also visit our Facebook group, we’ll be updating it regularly with fresh products and news.

Here’s a taster of the things we will be selling, with many more things to come! (Look at out category list for an idea of the things we have):


DSC_0896turquoisestar (1)kitebluestone (1)

Handmade Rainbow Tasbihs



DSC_0921bluescarf leopard

Hijab Pins

bluekundanstone (5) emeraldrubyflower (3)


earrings ebay (2)earrings ebay (1)

Handmade Beaded Necklaces


I really hope you will visit the shop and the Facebook link, and that you see something you like, and of course, recommend to others. One of the things we would like to hear from you is ideas about what you would like to see on our site, and what you want more of. We will be adding new things all the time and would like to know what is popular and what is in demand, so please let us know!

All that’s left now is the launch party!

Harlequin x


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