Harlequin Oddities Found About Town: No Begging Please, We’re English

It’s the time of the year, the rush for shopping and travelling around on the underground sometimes needs some livening up. Enter the buskers and the underground musicians, and boy do they come in all shapes and sounds. Only yesterday I saw a musician playing on tablas while another one was rolling around on the floor riffing on his keyboard. In the midst of all this, there is some (quality) control required to ensure that people are earning their keep, rather than shamelessly just fleecing people for their money. This is where this sign comes in to politely request any undesirables to flee from the nice, shiny undergrounds, get a job and cut that hair dagnabbit. Okay maybe the last one is just vaguely insinuated rather than told outright. The British Gov’nors have decreed that there shall be no begging. And no begging there was on the underground. Well, until the plaques all fall off from the abuse they get anyway, then it’s a free for all:

“You’ve got to pick-a-pocket or twooooo ….”

nahi begging karo(Part of this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge about Signs)

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