Weekly Fear Street Links

Weather’s finally looking up, folks, and the sun’s been staying longer! You know what that means, bring you pasty IT geek selves closer, close the curtains and stay in the dark while we bask in the glow of the computer screens and peruse these links.

Did you ever read the Fear Street and Point Horror series by the wonderful (read: terrible) R. L. Stine as a tween in the 80s and 90s? Then you’ll love this link, Fear Street book re-caps, which are written by a blogger who had me huffing and puffing in hysterics as she pointed out the genius (i.e. terrible plots, rubbish jokes and unrealistic ‘horror’ and ghosts) of Stine’s series of Fear Street books. It’s a good trip to memory lane, anyway!

Want a light-up tie anyone? Here you go.

How to Photoshop your Gremlin kids into a Star Wars poster. As you do, written by a grumpy uncle. I did like Step One though (‘Take some aspirin’).

I saw this Disney short in cinema recently, called Paperman, and loved it – no wonder it won an Oscar. Here’s the Youtube link if you can’t open the previous one.

Recycled bicycle parts used to make beautiful ballroom-style chandeliers to make a freeway pretty – I wish they would do stuff like this in the subway where I live, although it would probably get nicked in less than a week (and you’d probably see it hanging outside a grocery shop the next day).

I never thought about how similar Twitter and the telegram were before, although it makes sense (limited characters, wireless and half the time, pointless).

Cool famous people hanging out together. Because they’re awesome.

That’s it for this weekend, now excuse me while I laugh at a few more silly Fear Street books, and also work on a project which I’m launching with the sisters in a week or two (more about this soooonn!!).


2 thoughts on “Weekly Fear Street Links

  1. Thanks for the kind Fear-y words!! And thanks for commenting on my blog. You’ve given me a boost. I’ve kind of been slacking off on writing for, oh, the past 7 or 8 months. This is good motivation to get back in it. May I continue to make you laugh…

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