Weekend Pretty: Jewelled Picasso Face

We always need some pretty in our lives, even if it’s a bit weird (although my sister doesn’t like this much) – I saw this in a jewellery store in Bond Street, London, and loved how quirky it looked.

Not sure I’d wear the eye (I think it was a brooch. Or maybe an earring) but I wouldn’t say not to the pretty red lips (which were rings) – unfortunately they were pretty pricey and I’m too cheap to buy any lip jewellery, so we just take pictures and admire them instead.



Through My Eyes: A Dreamy Day Out

Thought I’d go for a more surreal, dreamy style for this post, and post pictures of things I see on a typical day, through the camera lens. Here’s a few things that I see on my way to work, while at work, while eating lunch, on my way home and  even when reading a book! Do you recognise any of these places?

through (1)

IMAG0909 - Copy

IMAG1294 - Copy

20130503_110638 - Copy

20121214_122843 - Copy

IMAG2325 - Copy

through (2)Part of the Weekly Photo competition ‘Through your eyes

Giant Straw Haberdashery Mondays

I’ve been seeing these pretties placed around my local area, huge straw flower features which are advertising a competition (and some pretty flowers). I’m partial to the giant freak, just because I like funky shoes, but I do also love the huge perfume bottle. I may love miniatures, but something about the idea of a huge perfume bottle appeals to me – imagine having one in your room and needing to take a dab out of it – it would last me all year!

I’m keeping an eye out for more, but I do like how cleverly these have been made, and I like how artfully the flowers have been used to accent the objects. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a giant top hat, next.

straw (1)


straw (3)

Weekly Magical Unicorn Hoodie Links

Weekend time! Here’s some links to get inspired and help you do that thing you always wanted to do…like climb Mount Everest. Okay we both know that’s a big crock of rubbish, so here’s some links to waste time instead.

A photo-journey on the planet Mars. Or perhaps not, just someone’s backyard. I love how close-up photography can create effects like this (and something I need to try myself!)

Remember those adventure books with options on every page to choose your own next step (like ‘pick up the axe and fight a troll, page 23, or run away to the woods, page 76), which you may have a read as a kid? Well here’s an online (blog) version, which you can click your way through, great fun. Although having said that, I did used to try and cheat with those books by bookmarking pages to go back to!

A magical unicorn hoodie-slash-backback. What more do I need to say.

If you’re a big comic book fan, this is a link for you. 60 comics everyone should read, from the superhero greats like Batman and Superman, to the sillies like Matt Groening’s strips. Although I have to say I’ve never really liked the Moomins and would never read a comic about them.

It’s not a good weekend unless there’s some Lego thrown in – here’s some Lego Stilettos, which should have been made years ago, in my opinion.

Teachers who got the last laugh. Unfortunately, none of these went to my school, nor were as cool.

I’ve seen a lot of series of photos of objects which have been taken apart, like these immaculately lined up objects. I liked the Blackberry one best, but that’s just because I don’t like Blackberry phones very much.

Here’s a cool game – Mapcrunch – for those of you who would like to purposely get lost and find you way home in any country, all in the safety of your home on a computer. A bit like a stag night out, I suppose.

A series of photographs of buildings – looking up. I really liked this perspective, and it’s definitely a lot safer than standing on top of a lot of tall buildings and looking down.

Lastly, you know how I love my Disney links – honest titles for Disney films.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Curved Flowers

I thought I would join the Weekly Photo Challenge, which is ‘Curves‘ this week – my interpretations is curved (and curving flowers). I found these beautiful flowers (and a whole load more) at the wonderful Eden Project, Cornwall.

#1. This is one of my favourite flowers that I saw at the Eden Project (and not just because they remind me of those striped sweets, Campinos, either!). These flowers looked vividly coloured and graceful, and of course, they’re very photogenic. From all of the flowers in the Eden Project that stays with me the most, this is one of them.


2. I remember my mum pointing this out to me in the walkways at Eden Project, which we all ‘ooh-ed and ahhed’ over. It’s not obvious in the picture, but this patch was pretty huge, and covered quite a wide space, which made the purple and green spirals look even more magnificent because it encircled the stone walkways and seemed to follow us around as we walked around the garden areas. It must have taken a lot of work to make these curves, but it was well appreciated!


3. Lastly is this arum lily, which I saw in abundance at the Eden Project and which I’ve included because it’s one of my favourite flowers. There’s something about this flower which represents elegance to me, it almost reminds me of a sheath dress made from a single piece of fabric and seamless stitched together to make a striking, elegant Greek-style robe. The way this flower curves upwards and outwards in a shape which I’ve always tried to capture on paper and in photography, but it’s something which will always fascinate me.


And that folks, is my post about curves – what’s your idea of a curve?

Michael Summer’s Surreal Animal Art

Michael Summer‘s beautiful, surreal art is vivid, colourful and almost wacky – I love every single one of his beautiful pieces, particularly with the mix of grey-scale with vivid colour, literally dripping onto the animals. There is something very playful and beautiful about each picture, which draws your eye and also adds character to each animal (I love the almost-bored tigers and the curious penguins!)

Some of these pieces (such as the first one) are huge murals on walls, which has been done by the artist in various places – I would love one to be local to me but unfortunately the artist appears to be based in California so that won’t be happening anytime soon!

You can see more of his work here – the plus side is, I may not see the real-life murals but I can still get a t-shirt with the rainbow and the penguins on it!

catnapmspopmspop3mspop4birds-of-a-feather-1mspop2be-still-my-heartmspop6 (2) mspop6All images belong to Michael Summers

We Love Miniatures <3: Tiny Cooking Pots & Pans

I bought this a few years ago on a trip to Rochester, in a quaint shop which sold lots of other miniatures like beautifully hand-crafted teeny-tiny furniture, little boxes and even little teeny tiny spoons and forks. I loved these little pots-and-pans collection and bought these mostly because they reminded me a lot of my mum’s cooking pans – my mum agreed when she saw them too – and they even feel solid and slightly heavy like real pots do.

I’ve kept these for a few years now (not because I’m keeping my fingers crossed that someone will buy me a doll’s house one day), but because they’re souvenirs of a great day out, and I love the uniqueness of these (I haven’t seen them anywhere else!)

DSC_2177 DSC_2160 DSC_2165 DSC_2167 DSC_2168

My First Attempt at Tablet Sketching…!

I recently got a new drawing tablet  which I’ve been wanting for a while, which I’ve been playing around with to get the hang of the drawing techniques, brushes and colours. I’ll be posting a proper review of the tablet soon, but here is my first attempt to do a few sketches with various brushes (pencil, ink, oils and chalk) to see how easy it is to draw (it is easy but takes a while to get the hang of it!). More sketches coming soon, hopefully a bit more details and neater than these : )