Harlequin Oddities Found About Town: A Stargate Under City Bridges

This week is about Escape, and with it came a new discovery for me only a couple of days ago – I found a Stargate hidden under the bridges of London, furreals! Finally I know where all the homeless people go to at night (why else would they sleep under this bridge? They’re waiting for us to all leave first), not to mention all those insomniacs who go out for noodles and come back six hours later –  they jump through these portals. (you have to set the right code first or you’ll end up in a wasteland of angry Jaguar-headed baddies).

As you can see, one portal is to jump through, and the other one is to come back from, just don’t lose any body parts on the way back. Bit like those twelve princesses who dance all night and come back with tattered shoes – except you come back with an alien head or something.

Who needs TV and video games to escape, eh?

20130520_110254 - Copy


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