Weekly Photo Challenge: Patterns

I thought I’d join a photo challenge for this week, which was ‘Patterns‘, and post some kaleidoscopes I’ve made from photographs I have taken. It’s actually very easy to make a kaleidoscope, there’s plenty of software online, as well as mobile apps to do this, and I had great fun putting together.

This first one is of a beautiful bangle cuff I bought for my mum on her birthday, it’s one of my favourite piece in my jewellery box of borrowed things my mum’s collection.


This next one is actually my sister’s wedding bouquet. Yeah. Don’t tell her.


This is actually from a dress in my closet. It looks so much prettier here than the actual dress does. I think I should update my wardrobe, maybe. I like how quirky the hexagons look, almost a bit cartoonish.


Okay this is just my pyjamas. Yes, I wear polka dots, yes it’s not glamorous. Let’s move on, nothing to see here.


This is from a book I’m reading. Okay, fine, it’s a comic book about Superman’s and Batman’s children. It’s really good though, I promise.


Lastly, is this lipstick I have (don’t worry the orange bit isn’t the lipstick colour, I’m not that adventurous yet), it’s mainly an image of the lipstick case which has flowers all over it. I really liked the colour combination of this one.


I have lots more kaleidoscope images that I created, but these were my favourite, because they look nothing like the original image, and the amazing patterns look so surreal and arty. I could use some of these all wallpaper, maybe? Okay, not the polka dot pyjamas one, but perhaps the jewelled kaleidoscope for a sultan’s bedroom? Or a bouquet’d bathroom?

7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Patterns

  1. I would never have thought of doing this, but I think it’s a great take on “patterns”!! I like the superman/batman one the best… although I wouldn’t know the connection if you did not mention. Love the cheery colours, the complex details in the simple dominant shapes. 😀

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