Weekly Handsome Butler Links

We’re finally getting some fun fun fun in the sun sun sun duh duh duh duh duh duh *POW BANG*. I’m enjoying the Bank holiday this weekend, a good time to relax, read a few books, and maybe a day trip to the beach! Here’s some links for when the rain and cloud starts coming back.

First World problems. I know the feeling, TV screen is too wide so it takes me longer to read the subtitles. Such a pain.

This blogger wants a handsome butler. So do I.

I had so much fun with this, drawing a Stickman. Yes I’m a child inside, but let’s see what your stickman looked like!

A silly but funny view of what they’re really saying – filling in the mumbly words of the world of lip-reading.

A view on American representations of English people. Too right, mate.

A list of University courses that you might not have heard of, but might love to study! Klingon degree, anyone?

A seriously beautiful building, 55,000 LED lights to make this cathedral. Definitely on my travel Wish List.

Following on from the ‘May the Fourth be with you’ celebrations, here’s how to throw a Star Wars themed party. I also want these cupcakes.

By the wonderful Terry Border

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