Pink Blossoms & Purple Blooms in May

I love May. And blossoms. And trees. As you can probably tell from my pictures in May last year, during which I spent half the month of walking around and taking pictures of trees (much to the amusement to some builders across the road who thought I was slightly cuckoo).

These are some pretty trees and blooms I saw while out today in the sunny sun, it’s not often you get to see beautiful scenes of nature in congested London, although they always tend to be in random, and surprising places (this blossom tree was in a park which was right next door to a small cemetery, so I had to be careful where I stepped so that people didn’t think I was being morbid, especially since it would have been slightly hard to explain that I was taking photographs of a tree for my blog!)







4 thoughts on “Pink Blossoms & Purple Blooms in May

  1. Beautiful! You are far ahead of us, I must say. I think of London as cool and wet, but here in central Massachusetts, we are nowhere near seeing our irises. How lovely that you can appreciate the beauty around you!

  2. Thank you! Well, London weather is very unpredictable this time of the year, yesterday it was scorching hot and today it wet and drizzly! But the flowers are out and the blossoms are all grown, so it’s nice that it’s slowly turning into summer!

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