Even Batman needs to mind his Ps and Qs

Saw this in a Batman comic –I mean graphic novel– book I was reading yesterday and thought it was hilarious.( Yes I’m a grown woman who still read comic books, don’t you judge me), I love finding little silly things like this in serious scenes (Batman’s trying to find out some information about his ex-protege who was killed in this scene), and I just thought this whole bit was just cute.

20130527_020857 - Copy
Image taken from ‘Batman: War Games‘ by DC Comics

Beautiful Watercolour Art by Stina Persson

Stockholm-based artist Stina Persson‘s art style is one which I’ve been inspired by for years, I saw a watercolour piece by her years ago, have been in love with the vivid colours and dreamy style ever since. Although the illustrator and artist works with several mediums like paper, ink, acrylics and even photographs, my favourite has always been her watercolour works.

I’ve tried to do something like this before (unsuccessfully, my paint-blending just sucks, frankly, and the papers just go all runny and wet), but it’s still one of my art inspirations. I love the space-style she uses here (where the image is created by the absence of the main piece and is instead created by the shapes around it. If that makes sense), particularly because of how glamorous and beautiful the pieces are, the women look ethereal (or perhaps what a 70s party would look like after too much weed), and have I mentioned how beautiful the colours are?

There are similar artists who have used the same watercolour style (which I will post if I can find them!) but Persson remains one of my favourite.


Escape to Bournemouth Beach

Sounds like one of those 50’s swamp movies, doesn’t it? Although this was less of a horror film and more of a beautiful retreat to the beautiful Bournemouth region. I love travelling all over England and the Bank Holiday weekend just gone was a perfect opportunity to go on a (sort-of) road trip with the family and plant some feeties in some tidal waters. Here’s one of my favourite shots from the day : )

DSC_1605 (2) - Copy

Elmo & Moustache Birthday Cupcakes!

These were some scrumptious and bright orange and red beauties created by my baking genius sister, who made these pretties for my birthday. Not sure which ones were my favourite (there were also cupcakes with my face printed on them, which I LOVED), but we all ooh-ed and ahh-ed over them before we stuffed them down our greedy mouths. They tasted good too, chocolate flavour, in case you wondered.

A very good day was had by all : )






Flowering Magnolias and Blue Skies

In China, the symbol for the magnolia flower is beautiful woman. I don’t know about you, but I’d say that the meaning is pretty apt, magnolias are certainly beautiful, and are graceful flowers which have lasted almost a millennia, unchanging, strong, and almost un-evolved, which is seen from their early flowering in February – sparks of colour in wintry, cold weather.

Here’s a few which I shot snaps of in my mother’s garden a couple of weeks ago, they were the first flowers to appear and are still freshly and growing even now. I love their silhouettes against the blue sky, and the pretty hues of pinks and whites. And soon, while the other flowers which are brighter, bigger and sunnier will soon take your attention, while the magnolias’ petals will fall and close, the tree will remain, waiting until next early spring to be the first to show its new buds again, which will grow into these beautiful magnolias. : )





Harlequin Oddities Found About Town: A Stargate Under City Bridges

This week is about Escape, and with it came a new discovery for me only a couple of days ago – I found a Stargate hidden under the bridges of London, furreals! Finally I know where all the homeless people go to at night (why else would they sleep under this bridge? They’re waiting for us to all leave first), not to mention all those insomniacs who go out for noodles and come back six hours later –  they jump through these portals. (you have to set the right code first or you’ll end up in a wasteland of angry Jaguar-headed baddies).

As you can see, one portal is to jump through, and the other one is to come back from, just don’t lose any body parts on the way back. Bit like those twelve princesses who dance all night and come back with tattered shoes – except you come back with an alien head or something.

Who needs TV and video games to escape, eh?

20130520_110254 - Copy

Trees that Glow (or, a sunset which reminds me of The Lion King)

Yup, back to the ever-lasting sunset mission, which is of this shot I took of some clustered trees on a giant plains that I saw on the drive home. I like how the trees frame the sun as it rises, and how calm the skies look, so that the cool blues blend into the oranges in the sky. I’m glad that I finally managed to get a sunset away from the buildings and metal of the city, and finally get something a lot more open and peaceful-seeming! (Plus it makes me try to visualise a tiny lion cub being held up somewhere. )


Weekend Pretty…Swan Babies

Swans are amazing creatures (just look at the amount of literature and fairy tales based on them), and it’s always a treat to see one – let a lone see a mother swan with her cygnet babies! It took me a while to take these pictures because I wanted to get as close as I could without scaring them away, and thankfully I did manage to get a few shots of these fluffies cuties with their mother in very blue waters and some rushes.

And then they paddled away quickly after that.

swansies (2)

swansies (3)

swansies (1)

Silhouette of a Pink Rose

My mother’s garden is blooming nicely, and so it should be, the amount of hours and work she puts into it. We’ve had our rose bushes for years, growing faithfully, year after years, in shades of pink, red, mauve, peach and white. Those rose bushes are the oldest thing I remember from my childhood in our garden (well, that and an apple tree we used to have, which our neighbours decided to cut down because it inconvenienced their plans to build an elaborate shed. Rude, I know).

I don’t see myself as a ‘girly-girl’, but I’ve inherited my love of flowers from my mother – she’s spent years tending to her garden, buying bouquets of daffodils, roses and gerberas to put in her special crystal vase on the kitchen table – and it’s something I would like to continue in my own home one day. My view is that you can have as many expensive trappings and furnishings in a house, but all you really need is a pretty bunch  of flowers in a vase to bring life to your house.

For my mum, it’s lilies and roses. For me, gerberas and tulips. But nevertheless, whenever I see these pink roses, which are an odd, almost old-fashioned pink (think shiny party dresses and Cyndi Lauper pink lipstick from the 80s), I always think of my mum’s roses, growing faithfully in our garden, year after year, showing their faces to the sun.