Weekly Arty Toast Links

It’s been an interesting weekend of playing Tekken with family and eating some scrumptious cake, all I need now is one of these to lounge around in. Here’s some links!

Undeniable proof that Toy Story and The Walking Dead have the same storyline. The mind boggles. I’m just…I can’t even.

Barbie without make-up. Thanks Eddie Aguirre, you’ve ruined my childhood.

Kids five times younger than me being cooler than I’ll ever be. It’s too late for us folks, let’s start moulding the kids.

What came after sliced bread? Art on toast, of course. Here’s some re-created pieces of famous works of art. My favourite is Freida Kahlo’s eyebrows. Imagine that in your Bento Box, eh?

This blogger’s take on why our kids don’t sleep. Have to say, I never did understand the appeal of the Easter Bunny :/

Looks pretty, but imagine stepping on one of them. Or all 2500 of them :/

Unanswered questions that Disney didn’t answer about Beauty and the Beast. Seriously though, some of these are very valid questions.

She says I need to learn how to cook :(
She says I need to learn how to cook 😦

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