Weekend Pretty…The Last Supper Dragonfly

I really liked this (my sister didn’t so much, apparently dragonflies creep her out a little) seen at Ripleys, which we visited last weekend – this was a real dragonfly painted by artist Enrique Ramos depicting The Last Supper, making it look like stained glass. The detail on it is amazing, and the colours are quite vivid, and although it is a bit odd, it’s also brilliantly done.

And that’s not the only odd, unconventional art the artist has done before either – like this version of The Last Supper created from ten kilos of spiderweb, (ew? I’m still not sure) and this tribute to Arnie’s Terminator made from clay and er, bats. Cos you know, canvas paper is hard to come by where he’s from, so he just catches whatever comes his way and puts the warpaint on the animals.





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