The Hidden People in Brick Lane

I love looking for street art in places like Brick Lane, which are chock-full everywhere you look, and there’s something new to see every time I visit, including these amazingly colourful depictions of beautiful, punky women, cartoonish clowns, ole’ geezers and mischievous young boys (those boys remind me a lot of my nephews, incidentally!).  You gotta love the motor-bike strategically placed in front of the colourful portrait of a woman, too!








Weekend Pretty…A Tealy London Skyline

Yes, I’ve edited this one, I’ll be honest, but I’m quite happy with what the end product is. I liked the colours of this London skyline because it reminded me of a watercolour painting, or perhaps a surreal old-style photography. I’ve emphasised the silhouette of the city skyline by darkening the buildings, and it’s nicely finished with the sun’s rays in the back ground and the different layers of blue and teal in the sky.

Although I think my favourite bit is the sparkling water which for some reason always catches my eye in sunny weather 🙂

IMAG3048 - Copy

Jeannette Woitzik’s dreamy fairy photography

I love this series of photographs-slash-art, by German photographer Jeannette Woitzik, who has cleverly weaved together magic, photography, fairy tales and even romance in her pictures. There’s something dreamy and magical about her pictures, but I also like the fact that her images also point to the darker side of both fairy tales and of society. There’s a theme of balloons, romance and the ‘fairyness’ or ‘Otherness’ in a lot of her pictures, which really appeal to me because of how much they hint at without actually showing anything – leaving a lot to the imagination.

You can see more pictures on her blog and her website, which has some seriously beautiful images – I’d definitely recommend a browse, particularly because I’m fascinated by how some of these photographs have been edited to look like oil paintings. 🙂


Images belong to Jeannette Woitzik

We Love Miniatures <3: The Tiny Ship in a Tiny Bottle

I’m a big fan of miniature things, and I try to find teeny-tiny things from new places I visit or holidays I go to as souvenirs (which I then put in my teeny doll house and enact Friends episodes with.  Okay, not really).

This tiny ship-in-a-bottle is one example, it’s only about three inches long and one inch high, and has a cute little ship inside (can ships be cute? I don’t know, but this one is). I’m sure you can see that the ship in this bottle is not highly detailed, it’s simple and was probably cheap to make, but I like how different it looks, and it’s certainly one of my favourite miniature souvenirs : )




Weekly Ghostbustin’ Pacman Links

Weekend time means random links time. And maybe some films-slash-cakey-eating time. Enjoy these while I put the lights off and watch films in the dark.

This is kind of cute – Disney sloth princesses. I think I live with a few of these princesses.

How well do you know your fonts? Here’s a way to find out.

Not sure if you’ve seen this, but thought this was a sweet advert about how some people see themselves. Click here for the men’s version too.

Very simple and yet so cool. I’m pretty sure we can just paint the ones we have at home already though.

Is street art, art? I say it is, and so does this blogger.

Some very cool cakes and snacks you can try out and send to me. These ones are one of my favourites, although the Donkey Kong one comes a close second.

This is different, obituaries for things. Like a stressed out basketball.

Batman themed art and comics. I quite like this Batman’s Last Supper one.


Blue skies and sunny daffodils

The sisters and I took a leisurely day today, and ended up at the local park to soak up some rays (we get tan lines around our hijab, but it’s worth it!) and so that the kids could tired themselves out behaving like baboons on the climbing frames. We didn’t get a chance to row any paddling boats (I don’t think anyone would have felt like it anyway) but we did see some pretty flowers, and a Teddy in a tree (presumably in the middle of a day out, he looked like he was asking for directions.)

A nice start to the weekend, soaking up Vitamin Ds and lots of buzzing conversation.


20130420_162859  20130420_163252




Yachts at St Ives

This is a photo from about a year and a half ago, when I visited the beautiful Cornwall and it’s amazing beaches and landmarks. There were several places which we visited which have stuck in my mind, like Fistral Beach (with its amazing surfers) and St Michael’s Mount, two of which were probably my famous places. We also were lucky enough to visit the famous St Ives town and it’s beach, which had a beautifully old lighthouse, a really family-friendly beach, and fish-and-chip shops complete with cobbled streets.

I love this picture because of the colours in it, I took this shot right before the sun began to set, and managed to get a rosy colour of the waters. My favourite thing about this picture, though, is the tiny boats in the background, which make the whole scene seem quite serene.


Kenza at Liverpool Street, London

I’ve been to this beautiful restaurant before, but had the pleasure of visiting Middle-Eastern themed restaurant Kenza again a few days ago for a birthday dinner.  The ambiance is relaxing, the decor is beautiful and the food is just great – it’s perfect for a celebration or just a cosy get-together with friends (or even a romantic candle-light dinner).

Here’s a few snaps of the place, I’d recommend a visit if you’re looking for something a little more fancy (although be warned, there are bellydancers on weekends!) My favourite thing about this place were the beautiful lamps and carved alcove, which added a pretty detail to the place!