Weekly Mc-Iron-Man-Muffin Links

Apologies for the lapse in posts for a few days, I’ve been coughing and spluttering in my bed after a bout of illness (passed on by the generous family, who probably decided I *really* needed to feel their pain too). But I did have a good laugh reading some other articles during my rest, so here’s a few of them.

I’ve always thought superheroes like Superman were technically, illegal aliens. Here’s another blogger who takes a similar view of sci-fi characters being expatriates, although his version is a lot more articulate!

Speaking of superheroes, imagine if they were sponsored by famous brands? Here’s talented artist Roberto Vergati Santos’ take on it – McIron Muffin Man, mmmmmm.

Getting married? Here’s some sympathy for the diet you must be on.

Have you ever wanted to know what a live action Toy Story would be like? Me neither, but here’s the whole film anyway, in live(ish) action.

Anyone else get a postcard for Mother’s Day? (Or, how to read in-between the lines of what your family give you).

Miniature wire bonsai trees by Ken To, I think these are just cute and very well made.

When I was younger, I used to play with Barbie dolls. I’ll openly admit it (if I don’t I’ll get outed by the sisters anyway), and will also say that Barbie, in my house, had several jobs, outfits and wedding days with Ken. And the mystery of her gaining a new sister or two was never solved (we never did see any parents). Here’s a few jobs of hers which may have needed re-thinking.

Hope you all have a good weekend, I’ll be watching this movie, which is probably going to be as silly as the actors in it, but it should make me feel a bit better!


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